Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!!

We kept it simple this year, we enjoyed dinner at Bradley's parents house with his family and Lyndsey & Daniel.  
"Mommy's Little Firecracker ~ Exploding with Cuteness"

G's 1st Pool Trip

~July 3, 2011~
{19 days old}
Grayson's swim outfit was huge on him but he was still too cute :) He LOVED the water {we only kept him in the water for a few minutes to get some pictures} then he hung out {slept} with the guys in the shade while Lyndsey & I got some sun :) He was so good & never made a peep!   
Lyndsey Cunningham Photography

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2 Week Check Up

~July 1, 2011~ 
{17 days old}
Grayson had his 2 week checkup and Dr. S said he looks great & is as healthy as can be! Mommy has definitely been feeding him well :) We go back in 2 months to get his first round of shots...this Mommy is not looking forward to that!!
Our sweet little man is such a tough guy, he had his heel pricked again & didn't even cry. I guess he is used it since they pricked his heels so much when he had jaundice :(
Weight: 7lbs 11oz {35th %}
Length: 21" {60th %}
Head: 14" {25th %}
Clothes: Newborn
Diapers: Size 1 

Grayson = 2 Weeks Old

What an amazing week we had with our little monkey!! I am feeling much better & I am starting to get the hang of being a Mommy :) My mom stayed *2* nights with us so we could get some much needed sleep. Thanks Mom, you're the best!! We loved the delicious home cooked meals also.
~June 23, 2011~
I left Grayson for the very first time so I could get out of the house & run a few errands. My mom watched him so I knew he was in great hands :) MiMi loved it!
Then we got ready for Grayson's Newborn pictures {see previous posts}.
~June 24, 2011~
Grayson loves his swing! {10 days old}
We had our very first family outing {I forgot to take a picture}. We went to dinner and ran a few errands. It was nice to get out of the house for a little bit :)
~June 25, 2011~
Our sweet "little man!"
Everyone says "all of his gorgeous hair makes him look so much older!"
He yawns so's just adorable!
~June 26, 2011~
Precious angel taking a nap while Lyndsey babysat him so Bradley & I could spend a few hours together :) She also took more newborn pictures of him in his nursery and outside {see previous post}.
G loves to eat...holding the bottle on his own!
~July 27, 2011~
Check out his bed head :)
 He loves to sleep with his arms like this!
~June 28, 2011~
My sweet Grayson is 2 weeks old & he is such a good little baby! He is growing way too fast! He has big hands and feet & long arms and legs, we are hoping he will be tall like his Daddy! He started cooing today & it just melts my heart.
 Words cannot describe how much love we have for this little monkey!
-He nurses about every 3-4 hours {6-8 feedings per day} and supplements with 30-45cc's of formula
-He is a wonderful sleeper. And has slept in his crib since the second night home
-Yesterday I moved him up to size 1 diapers {they are a little big but he wet 4 onesies in 1 day, so it was time}
-He is cooing...and it melts my heart! 
-He smiles in his sleep
-He does great in the car seat 
-He likes riding in the car
-He loves to stroll outside
-He loves his swing
-He likes to sit in the boppy & just look around
-He LOVES to be swaddled, and he wiggles his little hands to the top so he can have them by his face
-He loves to be held
-He likes to sleep with his arms up by his head
-He likes to wrap his little fingers around my finger...heart-melting!
How is Mommy doing? 
Well, I am finally sleeping in my own bed again! YAY!
For these past 2 weeks I have been sleeping in the glider in Grayson's room. I would try to sleep in our bed but as soon as I would lay down I quickly started to feel anxious, shaky & overwhelmed. At night I was so exhausted, but because of the anxiety, I couldn't relax enough to go to sleep. I found relief in just sleeping in his room! After the first week, the anxiety started to get a little bit better each night & I was finally able to transition back to my bed :)  

Newborn Nursery Pictures

~June 26, 2011~
12 days old
*Lyndsey Cunningham Photography*

Grayson's Newborn Pictures

~June 23, 2011~
9 days old
Grayson with the monkey Bradley bought him :)
Lyndsey did an amazing job! We had too much fun with this sweet boy!
*Lyndsey Cunningham Photography*