Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finger Painting!

~ August 31, 2012 ~
It was too pretty outside to not do something fun...but I wanted to do something different. I had been itching to do some type of art project just to see his reaction. I thought finger painting would be interesting since he doesn't like anything on his hands or feet but also fun because he could do whatever he wanted & get as "dirty" as he wanted. 
Well, it was a success!! He had so much fun & didn't act like the feel of the paint bothered him at all :)  
Of course he had to taste it?!?! 
 Painting the window
He was fascinated by the containers
Where's Grayson?? 
{we play this game about 54 times a day}
Helping Mommy clean up!
At some point he walked in the paint & made a footprint :)

Sweet Baby Gage

~August 24, 2012~
Today is the day that my best friend's (Lyndsey) little sister is having her baby! Grayson & I headed to St. Vincent's to visit Natalie and wait on baby Gage to make his arrival. 
Jacob played with Grayson while we were in the waiting room. He is going to be an awesome Uncle!
Grayson spotted Big Daddy's iPhone...
...and ended up with it & Jacob's iPhone!
~ David Gage Pody ~
 Proud Aunt!!
 Mommy & Son
Congrats to Natalie & Lee! It is only the beginning of the best times of your lives :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ross Bridge Park

~August 21, 2012~
Grayson absolutely LOVES to be outside so we headed to the park on this beautiful day! He had so much fun just running around & kicking the ball. 
He knows the drill :)
 Grayson loves to swing...but it puts him to sleep every time! Bless his heart :)

Birmingham Zoo

~ August 16, 2012 ~
My parents had the day off from work & they wanted to spend it with Grayson. They decided to take him to the zoo for his very 1st time. They said he loved looking at the animals, riding the train, and riding the carousel! 
My parents said Grayson was right at the glass looking at this Bobcat when all of a sudden the Bobcat jumped at the glass & Grayson literally took off running...I can picture it & automatically start laughing! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Beach Trip

~August 9-12, 2012~
Westwinds at the SanDestin Golf & Beach Resort
All packed for the beach! I packed the car this time {before Bradley saw all of this stuff}, I got it all in and it was neat & organized!
*Day 1:
Ready for the beach in his "ocean" outfit
Grayson did not sleep a wink the entire ride to the beach, but, he was surprisingly really good & never fussed. We kept him entertained with...
-cool new apps on his iPhone-
 -playing peek-a-boo-
 -a movie on his iPad-
 -Daddy's iPhone-
We arrived in San Destin around 7:00pm so we went straight to Baytowne Wharf for dinner at Hammerheads. As soon as Grayson heard the music from the live band he started bopping his head & he had a fun time dancing. He took a 10 minute nap on the way to the condo then got his second wind & didn't go to bed until 11:30pm.  
Grayson wasn't too sure of his new surrounding {the bedroom} & he would only let me put him on the bed. Bradley & I sat in the floor with him and some toys for a few minutes until he felt more comfortable then he was all over the place.
*Day 2:
Grayson woke up at 6am...I have never gotten up that early while at the beach! We had breakfast on the balcony while listening to the waves then when Bradley woke up we went to breakfast at The Doughnut Hole. It started storming as soon as we got back to the condo so G took a nap and I packed all the beach stuff in the cart. We went to Beef O Brady's for lunch & actually found something G would eat...chicken nuggets dipped in ranch :) He loved it & ate a pretty good bit. 
The sun finally came out so we headed to the beach for a few hours. Grayson did not want to touch the sand & he wouldn't step foot off the blanket onto the sand. 
We stopped at the pool for a few minutes then headed to the room to get ready for dinner. 
Dinner at Seagar's Prime Steaks & Seafood
G was exhausted, he ate a little bit of dinner then fell asleep in my lap at 8pm {this is definitely a first!}. A waitress came by our table & said she has twin boys & has learned many tricks...she proceeded to set up a "crib" for Grayson. He was sound asleep and never moved or woke up when we left & he slept all night in his clothes & in his pack n play {so I actually got a good nights sleep}.
The "crib" 
{2 chairs facing each other & a few table linens}
*Day 3:
G woke up at 7:15am and we enjoyed breakfast on the balcony again. It stormed all morning again so I cleaned up the condo a little & started packing up some stuff. 
A serious case of bed head :)
"Look Mommy, the sun came out"
The sun finally came out but the wind was blowing so hard that we decided to just go to the pool. Grayson loved it & had fun swimming with Daddy :) After a few hours, Grayson started getting a little antsy so Bradley took him back to the condo to play while I enjoyed about one hour of quiet, relaxing time by the pool!
Daddy teaching Grayson how to kick in the water
1st taste of a virgin piƱa colada
Dinner at Pompano Joe's
Grayson ate chicken fingers dipped in ranch again :)
After dinner we went to TCBY...Yummy! Then we took Grayson walking on the beach...he still didn't want to touch the sand! 
Melts my heart!
*Day 4:
We enjoyed our last breakfast on the balcony then got ready & headed home. Of course the weather is absolutely perfect the day we were leaving!
Grayson fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the resort & slept most of the way home :)
We stopped for a few minutes to walk around & stretch our legs
Daddy gave Grayson a tiny bite of a snickers...this was right before he wiped the chocolate all over his face, legs & feet. He loved it though!
Despite the weather, we had a good time! I'm still not sure why G was so scared of the bedroom but he refused to sleep in his pack n play...he would scream & shake the second I put him in it until one of us got him out. I even put the pack n play in different spots in the condo & he still screamed. So the only other option was for him to sleep in the bed with us (= not much sleep for Mommy), which included nap time, I had to lay in the bed with him until he fell asleep then I would sneak out. I am so glad I took the video monitor, it made nap time much easier because we were still able to watch him so he didn't fall off the bed. Grayson was so good the entire trip & honestly never fussed unless we put him in the pack n play. We can't wait to go back in September!