Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grayson at 6 Months Old!!

I'm having a hard time believing Grayson is 6 months old. Thank you Lord for such an amazing, happy & healthy baby boy!
Grayson's personality is really developing. He is such a happy & sweet baby, always laughing & smiling {he's in a good mood 99% of the time}. He has the sweetest little chuckle & his eyes will just make you melt!! He could seriously do a commercial with his facial expressions. Grayson is really curious about exploring his environment. He is doing really good about noticing things & trying to reach them. And he's getting good at sitting up, he can pull himself forward to a sitting position while in his bouncer. He is saying "dada" & tries to say "Mama" but doesn't associate either yet {11.16}. It is definitely getting harder to get anything done while he is awake :) He loves to giggle & laugh ... and I love to listen to him! I attempted to wean him from the swaddle again {12.12}, thankfully he transitioned perfectly & still sleeps through the night {I lay him in his crib, put the paci in his mouth & give him Ernie, he goes right to sleep}. He isn't crawling yet, but will roll all over the place to get what he wants.
-Sleeps 11 straight hours at night {9pm-8am}
-Eating 6oz every 4 hours {8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm} 
PLUS baby food at lunch {2.5oz container}
-Wearing 6-9 month clothes & some 9 month
-Size 3 diapers {12.2}
-Size 2 shoes
-Naps 3 times a day {morning-2 hrs., afternoon-1 hr. & evening-45 min}
-He recognizes his name
-He imitates sounds
-He can reach to grab, hold, and tug at various objects
-He reaches out to Bradley or I {11.17}
-He sits up momentarily without support, he slumps forward on hands for balance
-He raises himself up & props up on his elbows
-He loves to stand...if you we try to sit him down, he will straighten his legs to stand up
-He responds to "No" {he stops what he's doing but he laughs at me when I tell him "No No"}
-He studies faces & wants to touch our faces all the time
-He makes an "Ummm" sound when he eats baby food :)
-He smiles at everyone that speaks to him
-He hums when he gets frustrated or bored
-He sucks on his bottom lip
-He bangs his keys against the table while sitting in his bumbo
-He anticipates his bottle...he will lean towards it & grab it to try to put it in his mouth
-He does this new thing where he grabs his hands together then extends them & brings them back to his chest, he moves them out & in really's too cute!
11.18 ~ Good Morning! I love waking up to this happy baby boy...he just talks & talks 
11.19 ~ Our little family at Preston & Ruth's Wedding
11.20 ~ Visiting Grandaddy & Papaw
11.21 ~ Trying sweet peas for the 1st time
He loved them! {takes after his Mommy}
11.24 ~ He loves his keys!
11.25 ~ Sweet child of mine!
11.26 ~ War Eagle!
11.28 ~ Trying pears for the 1st time
Saying he loved them is an understatement...he ate the entire container full & wanted more
11.29 ~ Sitting up for the 1st time on his own
~ He is sitting tall & reaching out
12.4 ~ My mom dressed Grayson up in his Baby's 1st Christmas pj's for a photo shoot :) He looks like a little toddler! {my Dad had his arm under the blanket & was holding the back of his shirt}
12.5 ~ Trying carrots for the 1st time
He loved them! He would literally scream in between bites wanting more. And he sure made a mess! {he gets excited & sticks his hands in his mouth then rubs them on his face}
12.6 ~ Our Christmas Blessing!
Check out the big spot of slobber...I can't keep him dry these days!
12.8 ~ Visiting MiMi at work
12.12 ~ Trying peaches for the 1st time
They were a huge hit!
12.14 ~ He still loves the tub tub :)
-To be outside
-To look at his reflection in the mirror
-To chew on his keys
-To hold onto something {usually Ernie} while he eats...if I don't give him something then he just holds on to his shirt
-To touch something soft while falling asleep {Ernie or the minky dot material on his crib bumpers}
-When we leave the room...he starts getting fussy!

Visiting Santa

Bradley & I took Grayson to the Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa for the first time. We didn't know what to expect or how he would react. Well, he actually did really good with Santa! And kept trying to eat the fur on Santa's sleeve :)
He looks like such a big boy!
 He really liked the fur on Santa's sleeve :)
 Watching the cars on the track
Checking out the fish
 Grayson had a really good time!

Baby's 1st Thanksgiving

This was our year to spend Thanksgiving with Bradley's family. So, the day before we drove to Starkville, MS and spent the night at Nunna's {Bradley's grandmother} house. The next morning we got ready & headed to Tutu's {Bradley's aunt} house for the annual Thanksgiving feast {literally, this family is huge!}. This was the first time for most of BR's family to meet Grayson. He was so good & had a good time playing with everyone. 
 ~Playing with his cousin Jackson
{Grayson-5 months/Jackson-9 months}
 Grayson with Nana & Pops
 Grayson with Aunt LaLa
 Mama's Boy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grayson at 5 Months Old!!

I cannot believe my baby boy is 5 months old! Where does the time go? Grayson is quite the wiggle worm and a big Momma's boy! He has the biggest smile and the sweetest laugh, he is just a happy baby! He is so smart and is a speedy learner. I love to watch him play in the new activity center Grams bought just fascinates me! We started him on solids {baby food & cereal} and he is doing great so far. He loves the food! I stopped putting cereal in his bottles last week since he's doing so well with baby food. He loves strolling & shopping with Mommy! He just looks around at everything and smiles. I bought G his first pair of New Balance tennis shoes {10.26}, they look so cute on him! His hair is growing back really fast, thank goodness :) Since Grayson is rolling over all the time I decided to no longer swaddle him at night {10.26}, it worked great for 1 week then he randomly started waking up in the middle of the night. We think it is because he gets cold so we got a tower heater & started using it at night {we programmed it to keep the room temp at 75-it cut off when the room temp reached 75 & cut on when it dropped below 75} and I also started swaddling him again. It worked so I am going to let him be and try to wean him from the swaddle in a few weeks. I still rock him every night before bed, and will continue to do so as long as I can :) 
-Sleeps 10 straight hours at night {10pm-8am}
-Eating 6oz every 4 hours...6oz formula w/ 30cc's cereal {8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm}
PLUS baby food once a day{1/2 of 2.5oz container}
-Wearing 6 month clothes
-Size 2 diapers
-Size 2 shoes
-Naps 3 times a day {10.18}
{morning-2 hrs., afternoon-1 hr. & evening-45 min}
-He rolls over completely from his stomach to his back {11.4}
-He reaches & leans towards everything in sight
-He loves anything colorful right now
-He reaches for his bottle & tries to hold it himself
-He will pat at his toys while playing with them
-He slobbers so much that I cannot keep his shirt dry
-He babbles {produces a steady stream of different vowel & consonant sounds that seem like they could be words but aren't quite there yet}
-He tries to pull himself up {lifts head & shoulders off flat surface}
-Grayson & I had our 1st long "talk" & Daddy videoed it {10.21}
-He rips the giraffe off the mobile every time I sit him in the bouncy seat
-He is getting really strong
-He is definitely teething
-He sleeps with his eyes slightly open
10.18 ~ Looks like we have a thumb sucker
10.19 ~ Spoonfed rice cereal for the 1st time...he liked it!
10.20 ~ Daddy babysat Grayson for the 1st time by himself
Bradley did great! He did call me a few times but Grayson was fed & sound asleep when I got home.
10.21 ~ Trying green beans for the 1st time
He is so funny! He makes the worst face {like it sour}, spits it out on the bib then wipes his face with the bib which makes it go all over his face :) We will try this one again.
10.22 ~ Watching the Auburn game
 Laughing at Aunt Lyndsey
 Do I really have to eat the green beans??!!
10.23 ~ Kaitlin's Cloth Diaper Shower
Grayson & Nonnie
 The pacifiers we got him :)
 Her loot of cloth diapers & inserts
~ Playing in Mommy's lap
10.25 ~ Trying sweet potatoes for the 1st time
They were a hit!
10.26 ~ Strolling & shopping with Mommy
10.28 ~ Whooo's got treats?
10.31 ~ Baby's 1st Halloween
~ Trying Bananas for the 1st time
He LOVED them!
11.2 ~ Playing in his new Bright Stars Doodle Bugs Around We Go Entertainer
11.3 ~ Christmas Village 
My Mom & I took Grayson to get his hand & foot print made for Christmas gifts. He did so good & didn't get upset one time. He loved strolling around just watching everyone then I put him in the Baby Bjorn and within minutes he fell asleep :) Everyone I ran into said "he looks just like his Daddy!"
Tuckered out!!
11.4 ~ Bradley & I had a night out for Ken's Surprise 50th Birthday Party
 Electric Slide :)
 C-walking :)
 Bradley & Ken
11.7 ~ Trying squash for the 1st time
It was a hit!
11.13 ~ G's 1st time to the golf course {to watch Daddy hit golf balls}
11.14 ~ Trying apples for the 1st time
He loved them & ate almost the entire container
~ Daddy feeding G for the 1st time
-Really loves his "Ernie"
-To play with his feet
-To eat his toes
-To play in his activity entertainer
-To lay in his bed & just talk
-To play in the bouncy seat after his morning bottle
-To lay in the pack n play and play with his musical turtle
-He refuses to open his mouth when he doesn't want his paci or bottle