Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My 1st Mother's Day

~May 13, 2012~
I had the mot amazing first Mother's Day!! We started the day off by going to church...Grayson enjoyed the music then when the preacher started the sermon {which is usually when G takes a nap} Grayson was so sleepy & started fussing, so we ended up leaving...but first, we stopped by the nursery to get a tour & get G registered :) Bradley & I aren't sure if we are ready for him to go to the nursery but we know that he will no longer sit/nap through church and we know it will be good for him to be around other kids and learn about Jesus! So we went home for G to take a nap & to change clothes. I really wanted to get some good pictures of Grayson & I {since I don't have many b/c I am always the one taking the pictures} so once G woke up we went to Ross Bridge Park for a mini photo shoot :) Bradley did a good job & got some great pictures. Once we got back home I opened my gifts then G took a nap. We spent the rest of the afternoon outside & my parents stopped by for a little bit.
Before church
At Church
{people watching}
 This precious little man made me a Mommy! I am beyond blessed & thank God every day for my baby boy!
 Ross Bridge Park
 This boy always makes us laugh :)
 Silly boy
 Pat-A-Cake :)
 I'm so in love with this handsome little man!
 He gives the best kisses :)
He looks so big 
 Helping me open my gifts
 "Our Gift" Willow Tree figurine to add to my collection :)
 And I LOVE my new Coach purse
Hanging out in the garage :)
Playing outside
 Watching Daddy wash his car
 This boy is so funny!
 I thought it was so cute how he is propping his foot up :)
 Check out his 2 bottom teeth 
{the top one will be popping through any day now}
 Samantha {aka "Girlfriend}
 MiMi & Grayson
 PaPa & Grayson
 L.O.V.E. this one
 He is growing way too fast!
 Helping MiMi open her gift
 Happy Mother's Day Mom & Mimi!
~May 15, 2012~
Aimee {Bradley's Mom} was out of town on Mother's Day so we went over to his parents house when she got home on Tuesday. 
G loves to look at pictures of himself
 Nana loves her Mother's Day gifts

Natalie's Baby Shower

~May 5, 2012~
Natalie had a wonderful Baby Shower at the Shades Creek Room in James Hill. Her mom did an amazing job decorating, as always! They got so many wonderful gifts. Baby Gage is definitely loved by so many already. I didn't get to take many pictures since I was chasing my little man around :)
Grayson & Aunt Lyndsey
Basket of goodies from us
Grayson had so much fun crawling around everywhere {and getting dirty}. And he enjoyed all the attention he got :)
He really liked playing with the water bottles
His favorite toy...the iPhone!!
I got him to sit still long enough for a snack & a quick picture.
Dancing with Aunt Lyndsey
The most amazing best friend a girl could ask you Lyndsey!