Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Natalie's Baby Shower

~May 5, 2012~
Natalie had a wonderful Baby Shower at the Shades Creek Room in James Hill. Her mom did an amazing job decorating, as always! They got so many wonderful gifts. Baby Gage is definitely loved by so many already. I didn't get to take many pictures since I was chasing my little man around :)
Grayson & Aunt Lyndsey
Basket of goodies from us
Grayson had so much fun crawling around everywhere {and getting dirty}. And he enjoyed all the attention he got :)
He really liked playing with the water bottles
His favorite toy...the iPhone!!
I got him to sit still long enough for a snack & a quick picture.
Dancing with Aunt Lyndsey
The most amazing best friend a girl could ask you Lyndsey!

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