Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grayson at 8 Months Old!!

Grayson is growing up so fast! He is such a sweet, bubbly, handsome little boy and so much fun! He just giggles & loves to bounce. He just started making the "rasberries" noise {2.14.12} & thinks it is so funny :) He completely melts my heart on a daily basis!
Grayson is becoming mobile!! He has been working hard on his crawling techniques but isn't quite there yet. He does rock back & forth on his hands & knees. He can get to the toy he wants though, he moves really fast & kind of army crawls/scoots on his tummy {2.9.12}! He has started getting his feelings hurt when we tell him "No"...he pokes his lip out & his eyes fill up with tears...maybe he is starting to really understand what it means :) {2.10.12} Grayson is really getting big & is very smart. He really likes when you play with him & talk to him. And he loves to be out & about with Mommy! He is very attached to me...he will let anyone hold him but the second I walk out of his sight, he gets upset! I took Grayson for his 2nd flu shot {1.17.12}, he didn't even cry but he did look up at me with those eyes full of tears & his bottom lip poked out...I quickly picked him up & shed a few tears for him! Since Grayson is getting on all 4s, we went ahead & lowered his crib down a notch{1.29.12}. We also took the bed down in the extra bedroom to start working on converting it to a playroom {1.29.12}. 
 One of his "new" faces
-Sleeps 11 straight hours at night {9pm-8am}
-Eating 7oz every 4 hours {8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm}
PLUS baby food at breakfast, lunch & dinner 
-Wearing 9 month clothes
-Size 3 diapers
-Size 2 shoes
-Naps 3 times a day
{morning- 2hrs., afternoon- 1.5hrs. & evening- 45min}
-We switched him to Similac Sensitive for Spit-up from Similac Advanced {2.8.12} and he no longer spits up :)
-He can stand up really well with support {2.14.12}
-He can feed himself puffs & other snacks 
-He makes biting movements {which helps build jaw strength & prepare for future eating skills}
-He is showing signs of having his own sense of humor: he teases us by offering a toy then taking it back, then he giggles at our reaction. 
-He is becoming more social
-He interprets emotions from the tone of his voice
-He expresses unhappiness when we take his toys away
-He holds a spoon but he is not very good at using it
-He is definitely teething...he woke up during naps a few times screaming {no teeth yet}
-He says "dada", "mama", "ba", and "hey" but still doesn't associate them yet
-He has figured out how to lean forward on one knee {from a sitting position} to grab a toy {1.26.12}
-He got on all 4's & rocked back & forth {1.29.12} in his crib after his afternoon nap
-He imitates sounds
-He is obsessed with the ends of a strap or tags that hang off of things 
-He can turn complete circles while sitting on the floor & is getting faster {2.5.12}
-He bounces while sitting
-He tries to pull up on the side of the tub & the side of his crib {while sitting up, he leans forward to grab & pull up}
-He sucks his top lip & itches his bottom gums with his tongue {2.13.12}
1.15.2012 ~ Lauren's Baby Shower
1.22.2012 ~ Watching's "What I Am" Sesame Street video
1.23.2012 ~ Grayson's 1st big boy ride in the buggy
 1.26.2012 ~ "Moosin' Around" with Mommy :)
 ~ G loves his new play mat & maracas
 ~ Daddy gave Grayson a mohawk {well, he tried}
1.27.2012 ~ Aunt Lala in the Miss Alabama Teen USA Pageant
Lauren looked absolutely STUNNING & did a wonderful job!
Opening Number {right}
 Evening Gown 
We are very proud of you! 
 1.30.2012 ~ Trying the Teething Biscuit for the 1st time
He sucked on the end of it a little bit then he just played with it.
 Sam & Kobi's new favorite spot...waiting on food to drop!
 1.31.2012 ~ Little Stinker! He has figured out how to sit up in the bouncer & lean over to touch the floor.
 ~ Trying YoBaby Yogurt {Peach} for the 1st time
He loved it
2.1.2012 ~ A few of his favorite toys
2.2.2012 ~ This boy has so much fun "people watching" at the mall
2.3.2012 ~ Happy Birthday Daddy! You are my hero & the best Daddy ever! I love you! {Bradley was in Atlanta for a meeting on his birthday so I sent him this in a text}
2.4.2012 ~ G eating at Mimi & Papa's! This is a special picture because the highchair has been passed down from my mom, to me and now to Grayson!
~ The thin monkey blanket has been a lifesaver during his naps this past week. He loves to cuddle with it. 
2.7.2012 ~ Happy Baby
2.8.2012 ~ Super Grayson...he started doing this, where he holds his blanket out as he "runs" around the activity center
~ We took dinner to The Crooks to visit baby Easton
2.9.2012 ~ Having fun playing with Grams
~ Poor little man was so exhausted that he feel asleep holding his foot!
2.12.2012 ~ Sitting in the big boy highchair for the 1st time {at a restaurant}
He did so good & was content watching Sesame Street videos on my phone
 Happy Birthday Pops!
~ Daddy gave G his 1st baseball
2.13.2012 ~ Playing with Aunt Lyndsey
~ I melt hearts!
2.14.2012 ~ He still loves getting a tub tub
~ Baby's 1st Valentines Day!
He was terrified of the walking dog...not the reaction I was hoping for! I couldn't help but laugh a little, but he was literally shaking!
He finally warmed up to the dog once he realized he can chew on the ears :)
~ Army Crawl
{he made his way from the living room to the kitchen all by himself}
-The monkey blanket
-The toy telephone
-The teether ring with beads
-To keep Ernie with him in the pack n play
-To hold Ernie while he drinks his bottle
-To chew on wet washcloths {teething}
-To hold onto straps {any strap...he's obsessed}
-To ride in the front of the shopping cart
-To watch's "What I Am" Sesame Street video
-To play in his playroom {and he plays hard}
-To hit his hands against the play mat...then he looks at me & smiles :)
-When I massage his legs & feet with lotion
-To "run" around his activity center then stop when he gets to Bradley or I & open his mouth for a kiss then start "running" again :)
-Toys that move {walking dog}

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