Friday, April 27, 2012's just a phase!

At 5 weeks old, {on July 21st to be exact} our normally content, happy baby started screaming at the top of his lungs. It scared us to death!! It lasted for about 45 minutes...I tried rocking him, bouncing, jiggling, singing to him, feeding, giving him a paci, snuggling, etc. Nothing helped! I was crying my eyes out & didn't know what else to do. He finally ran out of gas and fell asleep.
The next night around the same time, the crying episode happened again. It was just so strange to us because all day long he was this lovely, happy baby then just when Daddy got home he fell apart. It was so stressful!! There were a few times that he would stop if we took him outside under the fan or turn on the vacuum cleaner. The pediatrician said the colic should go away by the time he turns 3 months old, and sure enough the day he turned 3 months old the colic stopped!!! I am so glad this was just a phase!
We knew it was about to start when we saw him poke his bottom lip out. Bless his heart!
The next week was great and started to feel normal...we actually went out for dinner a few times! Then, all of a sudden, our very happy baby started screaming again! This was definitely a different scream than when he had colic. After the second night of having this "screaming fit" I called the pediatrician and he said it is what is called the "Witching Hour!" This "screaming fit" is worse than colic. He would get so worked up that he would turn red and start sweating. He refused every attempt at soothing and didn't want any of the lovely things we offered! During this time I would wind up in tears from the stress, it's not easy listening to your baby cry and not be able to do anything to stop it. I just continued to hold & rock him until he finally fell asleep. After about one week I finally figured out what to do to help soothe him...I had to cradle him in my arm with his right arm around my back, his left arm on my chest and his tummy to my tummy, his paci in his mouth and pat his bottom while rocking him then he will eventually go to sleep. Sometimes he would fight me at first but he eventually gave up :) It was so bad that everyone dreaded 7:00pm because we all knew what was coming!! After researching, I learned that this happens because he is super, super tired. Which made sense because he was only cat napping and not taking good long naps. Thankfully this too was just a phase and only lasted about 6 weeks {almost 5 months old}...once he got on a good nap schedule the screaming fits just stopped! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 Month Check Up

~August 18, 2010~

Grayson did so good today. He just laid on the table and kicked and moved his arms and just smiled :) Dr. S said he looks great! I did ask about the little fits/colic he has been having at night and Dr. S said they should stop by the time he's 3 months old...thank goodness it's just a phase!!
Grayson had to get his 1st round of vaccinations today-1 oral & 4 shots, 2 in each tiny little leg! But he was a champ & only cried for a few seconds! I cried more than he did. I was a little anxious this morning because I didn't know how the shots would make him feel...if he would be fussy or have a high fever?? Well, he pretty much slept all day & just had a low grade fever.
 I can already tell he is going to be silly like his Daddy!
 Bless his heart!
...and a few seconds later :)
Weight: 12lbs 4.5oz {75th %}
Length: 24 1/4" {90th %}
Head: 15 1/4" {25th %}
Clothes: 0-3 Months
Diapers: Size 1

Grayson at 2 Months Old!!

I cannot believe my angel baby is 2 months old already. He is getting more handsome by the day! He has already changed so much and is starting to lose his hair :( He is starting to form his own little personality and it is precious! He is going to bed at 10pm and waking up at 5am which is perfect because by the time he finishes eating, Bradley is getting ready for work and can spend time with him before leaving the house. They both really enjoy this time together :) He spent the night away from me for the first time at 8 weeks old {with my parents on 8.11 and with Bradley's parents on 8.13}, we missed him so much. Grayson has started spitting up a lot at night while he's sleeping & he has projectiled milk a few times so I started putting rice cereal in his bottles {every other one}.
*I love every laughter, scream, smile and cry...I would NOT change a thing!*
-Sleeps 7 straight hours at night starting at 5 1/2 weeks old {10:00pm-5:00am} 
-Eating 4oz. about every 3.5-4 hours 
{4:45am, 8:15am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 5:15pm, 8:30pm}
-We started putting rice cereal in his morning and night bottles to help with him spitting up during the night {8.2}
-Wearing 0-3 month clothes 
{moved up on 7.18-still big but newborn is too small}
-He is more alert & active, his eyes are opened bigger and he just kicks & moves his arms
-He stays awake longer during the day and evening
-He recognizes his hands
-He holds his head up really well
-He opens and closes his hands
-He watches faces intently
-He follows movement
-He kicks all the time
-He brings his hands to his mouth
-He smiles at the sound of my voice and it's such a sweet smile
-He smiles more & laughs when talked to
-He sticks his tongue out
-He sleeps with his eyes open a little
-He is starting to ham up-his face is starting to fill out
-He yawns so's just adorable!
-He has the most precious stretch...he will straighten out then bend his back & put his arms behind his head & make this cute little face. I love to hold him when he stretches!
-He has a pouty lip that just breaks my heart!
-He jumps when cracks me up, I laugh every time
-He puts his hand over his face if the light is in his eyes (while sleeping)
-He is pretty fussy in the evening {colic}
7.19.11 ~ I love waking up to this precious baby
7.20.11 ~ Sam & Beau now lay in front of G's swing the entire time he is swinging
 7.26.11 ~ Visual stimulation on the iPad
8.5.11 ~ Mom picked up G for the 1st time and took him to her house. This was much harder and more emotional for me than I thought it would be. 
8.7.11 ~ He is such a strong little boy
-His "Ernie"
-His gumdrop paci
-To be swaddled tight
{8.1-we started using the SwaddleMe blanket at bedtime}
-To be bounced
-To nap in the newborn napper part of the pack n play
-To throw his arms around & he does it so fast!
-To sit up on our legs and look around, wave his arms, and coo
-Tub tub time with Daddy, he just moves his arms and legs and coos
-Riding in the shopping cart {in his car seat}
-His bouncy seat
-Loud noises
-Being talked to
-Tummy time {he is ok for 1-2 minutes then he is done}

--Most of these pictures were taken with my phone so they aren't very clear--

PGHS c/o 2001 10 Yr. Reunion

~August 13, 2011~
I cannot believe it has been 10 years since I graduated high school. I have such wonderful memories from high school...cheerleading & cheer competitions, dance team, homecoming week, pep rally's, baseball games, etc. I am so glad I felt better and was able to attend the reunion. We had a good time and it was so nice to catch up with everyone in person (instead of on facebook).
Tyson's Memory Table
I love this girl :)
So many memories with these ladies!!
Group shot
My brother & I with our spouses
It was so good to see Brittany. It has been too long!!
My brother & I 
Bunny Hop!
Made some great memories on Dance Team with these ladies!

So Blessed... have such a great Mom & Mother-in-law to help us out! I don't know what I would do without them!! My Mom had taken the week off of work to get some things done at her house & the lake house...but ended up taking care of Grayson & I from Monday until Thursday. 
On August 8, 2011(Monday) I woke up feeling nauseated (which was a normal post delivery feeling for me) so I took a nausea pill and laid back down. When Bradley got home, I took a long hot shower which made me feel a little better. Then I nursed Grayson for what would turn out to be the very last time :( ...because around 9:15pm I started vomiting. Bradley called my mom & she was at my house within 25 minutes. They both knew something wasn't right because I NEVER get sick. My mom spent the night to take care of Grayson & I.
The next morning(Tuesday) I went to the doctor and he said it looked like I had the 24 hour stomach bug & should feel better in a day or two. Well, I was still vomiting that evening so my Mom stayed the night again & cooked Bradley a yummy dinner.
On Wednesday, my MIL Aimee came over to take care of Grayson & I while my Mom ran a few errands. I started vomiting again that night so my Mom ended up taking me to the ER. Surprise...I had the Stomach Flu & a UTI, and I was contagious!! I started to feel better after having a bag of IV fluids pumped in my body!
On Thursday I stayed in bed all day and started feeling a little better. My MIL came over to take care of me while Bradley was at work & my Mom took Grayson to her house for the night. This was his first night away from home & from me...I missed him terribly.
On Friday morning, my Mom brought Grayson home & Aimee took care of us until Lyndsey came over to relieve her. Lyndsey & DC spent the night so she could take care of Grayson for us. I stayed in bed again all day & was finally feeling much better. 
The hardest part of it all was staying away from Grayson so he wouldn't get it. He would look over at me & I would just start crying because I just wanted to hold him & love on him but I didn't dare want him to get sick. 
**I cannot say Thank You enough to my Mom, MIL, and my best friend Lyndsey, for taking care of Grayson & I this past week while I had the stomach flu! We are truly B.L.E.S.S.E.D!!
August 8-12, 2011

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

SPHS Football Kickoff Picnic

~August 7, 2011~
Grayson was surrounded by pretty cheerleaders the whole time :)

First "Play date"

~August 4, 2011~
Grayson & I met Lyndsey, AlĂ©, Natalie, Kim & her kids at the pool. Grayson & Levi are 2 months apart, they just looked at each other & "talked!" It was so cute. 
Grayson LOVED being outside sitting by the pool. He just watched Cole jump in the water and splash around. He would straighten his arms & legs and coo, like he really wanted to get in the water.