Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Blessed...

...to have such a great Mom & Mother-in-law to help us out! I don't know what I would do without them!! My Mom had taken the week off of work to get some things done at her house & the lake house...but ended up taking care of Grayson & I from Monday until Thursday. 
On August 8, 2011(Monday) I woke up feeling nauseated (which was a normal post delivery feeling for me) so I took a nausea pill and laid back down. When Bradley got home, I took a long hot shower which made me feel a little better. Then I nursed Grayson for what would turn out to be the very last time :( ...because around 9:15pm I started vomiting. Bradley called my mom & she was at my house within 25 minutes. They both knew something wasn't right because I NEVER get sick. My mom spent the night to take care of Grayson & I.
The next morning(Tuesday) I went to the doctor and he said it looked like I had the 24 hour stomach bug & should feel better in a day or two. Well, I was still vomiting that evening so my Mom stayed the night again & cooked Bradley a yummy dinner.
On Wednesday, my MIL Aimee came over to take care of Grayson & I while my Mom ran a few errands. I started vomiting again that night so my Mom ended up taking me to the ER. Surprise...I had the Stomach Flu & a UTI, and I was contagious!! I started to feel better after having a bag of IV fluids pumped in my body!
On Thursday I stayed in bed all day and started feeling a little better. My MIL came over to take care of me while Bradley was at work & my Mom took Grayson to her house for the night. This was his first night away from home & from me...I missed him terribly.
On Friday morning, my Mom brought Grayson home & Aimee took care of us until Lyndsey came over to relieve her. Lyndsey & DC spent the night so she could take care of Grayson for us. I stayed in bed again all day & was finally feeling much better. 
The hardest part of it all was staying away from Grayson so he wouldn't get it. He would look over at me & I would just start crying because I just wanted to hold him & love on him but I didn't dare want him to get sick. 
**I cannot say Thank You enough to my Mom, MIL, and my best friend Lyndsey, for taking care of Grayson & I this past week while I had the stomach flu! We are truly B.L.E.S.S.E.D!!
August 8-12, 2011

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