Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grayson = 3 Weeks Old

Grayson is still doing great! He has grown so much...it's pretty fun to watch his facial features change.
I am absolutely in Heaven! I could just hold him all day & stare at him. I love all of his little facial expressions & cooing noises. I am finally starting to feel more comfortable with getting out of the house with him a little more to keep me sane {the nervousness of driving with him in the car is getting better} :)
~June 29, 2011~
~June 30, 2011~
Evening stroll with my 2 men :)
~July 1, 2011~
After Grayson's 2 week check up, I took him to Bradley's office to meet everyone then I took him to visit Papaw Buck & Grandaddy.
 The Hope's brought us dinner & visited for a little bit.
{I LOVE this picture}
Grayson's umbilical cord finally fell off tonight :) I cannot wait to give him a "real" bath.
~July 2, 2011~
Grayson loves to be swaddled...but he wiggles his little hands to the top so he can have them by his face.
~July 3, 2011~
Ready to go swimming {see separate post}
In a milk coma :)
Wide awake!
Cuddling with Aunt Lyndsey 
~July 4, 2011~
Grayson swinging with his giraffe "Ernie"
~July 5, 2011~
3 Weeks Old
He started taking 3-4 ounces of formula today {after nursing}.
Daddy time :)

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