Sunday, June 12, 2011

Memorial Day

~May 28, 2011~

We went to the Lake with mine & Bradley's families for our annual Memorial Day celebration. I cannot believe this was the last "shindig" before Grayson arrives :) Riding in the pontoon boat & relaxing in the water was awesome! Grayson LOVED the water too...he would just kick & move all around :) 
35 weeks 5 days
My little brother, Brandon, riding the Sea Doo
Bradley & his Mom
Blake & Amanda
My awesome family (minus Blake)
Bradley & his Dad throwing the baseball
Me, my Mom & my MIL
TC loves her Dad :)

Maternity Pictures

~May 27, 2011~
Bradley & I had so much fun shooting with Lyndsey & Alé, as always!! Here are a few of my favorites!

 Photos by: Lyndsey Cunningham Photography & RockIt Photography by Alé

Weekly Checkups

~May 24, 2011~
35 weeks

Today I started my weekly checkups :) Grayson's heart rate was 145 bpm & my baby bump measured 35 cm. My iron was up to 36 {4 points higher than last week}. Wooohooo!! Hopefully I will not have to have my finger pricked anymore. 

Please continue to keep us & Grayson in your prayers!

Doctor's Appt

~May 16, 2011~
34 weeks

Grayson's heart rate was 146 bpm & my baby bump still measured 33 cm. My iron dropped down to 32 {2 points lower than the last visit}. Dr. H said everything looks great & wants to start the weekly checkups. I am so extremely excited. We are getting so close to meeting our sweet baby boy!
I am starting to feel HUGE! Bradley thinks it is so funny that I can sit the bowl on my baby belly.

Parenting Class

~May 14, 2011~
Today we attended the Preparing for Parenthood class. It was an ALL day class so it was a bit exhausting but it was nice to do it all in one day rather than split it up into 4 night classes. We really enjoyed it & learned quite a bit...considering we know nothing about parenting :) It was also nice to learn more about the labor & delivery part because that is what I am really nervous about right now. 

Please continue to keep us & baby Grayson in your prayers!

Spain Park Football

~May 12, 2011~
Tonight was Lauren's first Varsity Football game {it was more like a scrimmage but against another team}. It had been a few months since all the Cheer Moms had seen me with my "little baby bump" and the last time they would see me with my big ole belly...haha! I cannot wait for the football season to start so we can take Grayson & show him off :) 
Varsity Cheerleaders
Lauren's Stunt Group
Aunt LaLa & I {33 1/2 weeks}

Mother's Day

~May 8, 2011~
This year we spent the day at the Lake for Mother's Day. The pontoon boat & Sea Doo were being maintenanced to get ready for the summer rides so we just relaxed in the beach area while the guys threw the baseball & fished. Later that afternoon we grilled out for dinner then headed back home. It was such a wonderful & relaxing day!
Bradley & Blake throwing the baseball!
The dogs had fun too!
Bradley the shade!
A little entertainment :)

Doctor's Appt

~May 4, 2011~
32 weeks

Grayson's heart rate was between 140-150 bpm & my baby bump measured 33 cm. My iron remained at 34. 

Tonight we have our first parenting class. So excited!

Aiden Collins Parker

~May 2, 2011~
One of our closest & dearest friends welcomed their 2nd baby to the world today. We are so happy for Matt & Erin and big sister Norah. 
Aiden Collins Parker
Born at 4:59 pm
7 lbs. 7 oz. & 20 3/4 inches long

Thursday, June 9, 2011

April's Fury

On April 27, 2011 massive tornadoes ripped through Alabama. Bradley & I were shocked as we watched the EF5 destroy Tuscaloosa, our hometown of Pleasant Grove, and many other cities.
My parents went to PG that night to check on my 90 year old grandfather but the police weren't letting anybody in. I was a nervous wreck all night & couldn't sleep so I got up early the next morning & headed to PG. I was actually able to get in & went straight to my Papaw's house...thank the LORD he was okay and didn't have any damage!!! My brother, Blake, was able to sneak in too so he met me at Papaw's then we rode around to hand out water. We just couldn't believe what we were seeing...our hometown was unrecognizable!! There are no words to describe it!!! I was absolutely heartbroken & cried the whole way home. {I was so devastated that I didn't even think to take pictures}
*The path of the Tornado through Pleasant Grove!
On May 1, 2011 I headed back to PG with my parents to help some close friends go through what was left of their homes. Of course I couldn't do much being 32 weeks pregnant but I did what I could. 

*Bradley's old house*
Thank the LORD they were no longer living there. The residents survived by getting under the brick steps in the back but the house was demolished!
*Below are pictures taken throughout Pleasant Grove. 
You can see that the entire streets and/or subdivisions were just wiped out. 
*The black tangled up thing is a car!
*This is what was left of my Dad's best friends house.
*Mom & Dad helping go through the rubble.