Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grayson at 9 Months Old!!

Our little man is 9 months old!! He brings so much joy & happiness to our lives! He now laughs at himself {2.28} and just started clapping {3.14}'s the cutest thing!
Grayson is CRAWLING!! Bradley & I were playing with him in the playroom {2.22} and we both witnessed him make his first crawling was such an emotional moment for me. In a 2 week span Grayson had a lot of "firsts"...he got on all 4s, pulled up, sat up-all by himself and he really started teething {still no teeth}! This is all happening so fast...I was so emotional during these 2 weeks. Since he is sitting up by himself, we lowered his bed to the lowest notch {2.28}...we didn't know what we were about to be hit with! *Separation Anxiety* That night Grayson started waking up one to two times in the middle of the night crying & biting on his blanket. I thought it was because his gums were hurting but it appears it wasn't teething. He also started crying & screaming when we would put him to bed {which he never did before}. We tried several different bed time routines, I have tried giving him teething tablets, and I even put him in the bed with us...but, nothing is working. And, he only does this at bedtime...he does fine for his naps! I am thinking that he's doing this because he can now see us through the crib rails every time we leave his room & when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he sits up & doesn't see us. I am so exhausted after doing this every night for 3 weeks now! The pediatrician said it is just a phase & will just end over night...I hope this happens soon! On a different note, the playroom is finished {except for hanging pictures} and G loves to play in there! He can finally put the paci in his mouth by is so funny when he puts it in upside down because his bottom lip sticks out :) I registered him for MDO {Mother's Day Out} at Hunter Street Baptist {2.23} and he will start in August {he will be 14 months old}, he will go on Mondays & Fridays from 9am-1pm. I am sad but I know it will be good for the both of us :) 
-Sleeps 11 straight hours at night {9pm-7am}
-Eating 7oz every 4 hours {7:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm}
PLUS baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner {the entire big container-3.5oz}
-Wearing 12 month clothes 
-Size 3 diapers
-Size 3 shoes
-Naps 2 times a day {morning- 2hrs. & afternoon- 2hrs.}
-He switched to the fast flow nipple since the new formula is thicker {2.27}
-He says "Mama" ALL day long & I love it. He also says "Bye Bye" {but he's still not associating them}
-He understands "No No" pretty well so far
-He uses his gums to mash up his food & makes the cutest face while doing so
-He acts shy in front of others {especially in a big crowd}
-He has become shy with strangers
-He can roll the ball back & forth
-He gets into a sitting position
-He finds hidden objects easily
-He is fearful in some situations
-He explores objects
-He lets objects go voluntarily
-He smacks his lips & says "Mmm" when he tastes something yummy
-He only wants his paci when his gums hurt & when we lay him down {right now} then he spits it out right before he falls asleep.
-He plays with his hair when he gets sleepy
-He loves to dance
-He loves the attention he gets while out shopping {he just smiles/talks to the person}
2.17.2012 ~ Lunch with Daddy
 Sweet hugs from Matti
 Sweet kisses
~ My precious little man with one of his favorite toys...its a block that goes to the musical croc wagon. And I love the baby legs :)
2.19.2012 ~ Grocery shopping with Mommy & Daddy
2.22.2012 ~ Can he get any cuter?!
Silly Monkey! 
 Holding the bottle like a big boy!
 Here he goes! Up on all fours and rocking back & forth! I am not ready for this!
{G was on his stomach & was trying to sit up so I grabbed my camera & got my phone ready to video it...but I was surprised when he got on all 4s, then he grabbed onto the basket & started pulling up on it. You can actually hear me gasp & start crying on the video.}
2.23.2012 ~ The boy loves to ride in the buggy!
2.24.2012 ~ He loves this monkey blanket, it has really helped him transition from 3 naps to 2 naps {losing the evening nap}
Uh oh! He is pulling up!
He is figuring it out!
Kobi doesn't know what he has coming!!!
2.25.2012 ~ Sweet baby hand & foot!
2.27.2012 ~ He figured out how to pull the mat apart
2.28.2012 ~ Sweet angel loves the gumdrop paci!
I watched Grayson {on the monitor} sit up by himself in his crib!
2.29.2012 ~ Daddy bought Grayson his 1st pair of Sperry's
~ One of his favorite things to do is eat bananas with Daddy!
Daddy chasing Grayson
3.1.2012 ~ He loves the Baby Banana Teething Toothbrush
3.3.2012 ~ Talking to Mommy!
~ Our little family loaded up & headed to Northport for Finley's 1st Birthday party!
 I think this is such a cool picture!
 He was very content as long as he had the iPhone!
 Happy 1st Birthday Finley!
~ Daddy's Sidekick
3.4.2012 ~ Cottontails with Mommy & Mimi
 3.6.2012 ~ He likes the knee pads, they really help with crawling!
3.7.2012 ~ His excited face
 He loves his new toy
 Trying to catch the bouncing balls
3.8.2012 ~ Sweet baby blues
3.9.2012 ~ Bradley & I had a night out for a friends 30th Birthday party. We had dinner at Ocean's then went to the Blue Monkey.
3.11.2012 ~ Watching Daddy throw the baseball
3.13.2012 ~ Crawling
{I am obsessed with these Carters pj's that are skid-proof on the bottom...and I love how they are fitted}  
 3.14.2012 ~ He still LOVES tub tub time!
 ~ He doesn't like for his feet to touch the grass
~ Eskimo kisses :)
 My Heart!
-iPhones {he's obsessed}
-The GumDrop pacifier
-The toy of his favorites!
-To give eskimo kisses
-To make the "indian" noise
-To play with the colored cups
-To play with his basketball goal
-To cross his feet...I think it is precious!
-To take the play mat apart
-To shake every toy up & down to see if it makes noise :)
-He feet touching the grass
-When toys are taken away from him

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