Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grayson at 10 Months Old!!

Our silly monkey is 10 months old! I am so thankful to have such a good & happy baby! I love his personality...he thinks he is so funny :) He is beginning to show a huge range of emotions...fear, sadness, happiness, and excitement. When he gets excited, he will straighten his arms & legs, cinch his fists & make a funny face. Grayson is crawling everywhere & is all over the place!!! He is very curious & he's getting into everything!! We have to do a lot of chasing & redirecting when he does something he shouldn't...he crawls really fast. He wants to do things on his own! He is an expert babbler & even babbles with inflection. He likes to "dance" & bops when he hears music! He is becoming stronger & stronger each day. He uses furniture to pull himself to a standing position...then he just plops down on his bottom & thinks it's so funny! And he started free-standing by himself a few days ago {4.12}. He went through a phase where he was difficult to feed, he would put his hands in his mouth then rub his hands on his face & in his hair. We have tried several flavors of Gerber 3rd Foods but he doesn't like the tiny little chunks in it. Grayson is finally sleeping through the night again {after 6 weeks of G waking up 1-2 times every night, this Mama was exhausted!!}...separation anxiety is the devil!! He just needed a night away at Mimi & Papa's house :) He is back to his normal bedtime {4.7}...no crying or waking up in the middle of the night! He did it all by himself...I'm so glad I didn't have to go through the "crying it out" part this time. Thank you Jesus! Then, the teething started! Grayson has been so fussy in the afternoons the past 3 days. Poor baby! On a good note, he finally got his 1st tooth {3.19}!!
 Check out his tooth on the bottom...if you look closely you can see the one coming in next to it :)
 He has amazing eyes :)
 Ok Mommy...enough pictures! Bless his heart!
-Sleeps 10-11 straight hours at night {9pm-7:30am}
-Eating 6-7oz every 4 hours {7:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm}
PLUS baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner {4-5 tbsp}
-Wearing 12 month clothes
-Teeth: 1 on the bottom
-Size 3 diapers
-Size 3 shoes
-Words: "ay" aka "Yay"
-Naps 2 times a day {morning- 2hrs. & afternoon- 2hrs.}
-He is definitely more vocal {he "talks" all the time}
-He experiments with sound {shrieking & piercing screams}
-He pays attention to speech & mimics others mouths & jaw movements
-He can follow simple commands {ex: "Give that to Mommy"}
-He responds to "no no"
-He sits up on his knees & he tries to pull up on everything!
-He imitates sounds & gestures
-He shows excitement when he sees someone he loves
-He is becoming more confident in trying to pull himself up
-He can free-stand by himself for a few seconds {4.12}
-He finds hidden objects easily
-He puts objects in containers
-He is starting to grasp concepts {such as time, distance, depth, and cause & effect}
-He is learning the properties of objects by crumbling, ripping, tasting, & throwing anything he can get his hands on
-He reaches his arms up for us to pick him up
-He is shy with strangers {he hides his face in my shoulder & clings on to me}
-He rolls the baseball to us, expecting us to roll it back to him
-He shows preference for certain things {Ernie & blankie that he has to have touching his face to sleep, his play remote control & his play telephone}
-He is very good at using his pincher grasp {picking up puffs & putting them in his mouth}
-He laughs at himself, especially while sitting in the car seat & looking at himself in the mirror
-He holds the bottle by himself {which helps me out so much}
-He definitely understands more of what we are saying to him {If I ask him "do you want some water/juice? He will stop what he is doing & crawl towards the fridge or he will reach his arms out toward the sippy cup}
-He will push on my arm when he is ready to get down off my lap
3.17.2012 ~ St. Patrick's Day
I love how he always crosses his feet!
3.19.2012 ~ Visiting Nonnie
 Me with my niece {Londyn} & nephew {Lyrick}
3.20.2012 ~ Beautiful Baby Blues
3.23.2012 ~ Love! 
{G does not sleep with us but I was so exhausted from him waking up every night that I just put him in the bed with us}
3.24.2012 ~ Having fun in the tub tub
3.25.2012 ~ Ready for church
Still a little sleepy...
 Now, he's wide awake!
3.27.2012 ~ Grayson's 1st Tooth :)
~ Strolling in the Radio Flyer for the 1st time
He is clapping & saying "Yay" :)
 Silly Daddy!
 He really enjoyed it!
3.28.2012 ~ He thought he was so funny in these bunny ears
~ Trying Spaghetti for the 1st time {Gerber 3rd Foods}
He liked the sauce but wasn't sure about the texture of the noodles & made a huge mess! It was all in his hair :)
3.29.2012 ~ Visiting Daddy at work
3.30.2012 ~ Dinner with The Hope's
Grayson & Matti playing in the wagon
 Sweet Matti giving Grayson a hug :)
 Someone wanted her Mommy...Bless her!
 Grayson thinks Matti is so funny!
 She was saying "Graysoooonnnn" & showing him her tattoo :)
 Bradley & Ivey Kate...she likes him much better than Matti did at that age :)
 Grayson was exhausted!!! He never falls asleep like this :)
4.1.2012 ~ Poor angel's gums were hurting! I love the cuddle time.
4.2.2012 ~ He loves the new SuperSeat! It's a great way to keep him still while I cook dinner :)
~ Mama got a new car {2012 BMW X5}
4.4.2012 ~ Playing in the Pack N Play
 ~ Pulled himself up to a standing position for the 1st time
4.7.2012 ~ Uncle Blake's Baseball Game
Love this!
 Grayson & Uncle Blake
 He loves to be outside!
 His "new" thing...he is trying to stand!
 Yay! Go Cougars!
~ He is pulling up on everything!!
4.9.2012 ~ Driving Daddy's car
~ Sweet angel is exhausted!
4.11.2012 ~ Gnawing on his crib
~ Teeth marks from gnawing on his crib
~ Visiting Papaw & Grandaddy
4.12.2012 ~ Mommy's Little Squirt
 ~ Teething was getting the best of our little monkey! Bless his heart!
~ Free-standing all by himself {he will stand for 2-3 seconds then fall on his bottom}
4.13.2012 ~ I love walking in his room after his nap & seeing him standing with his big happy smile
4.14.2012 ~ He loves this green monkey! {he grabbed off the shelf at pier1, when I turned around to get my wallet to pay I grabbed it from him to put it back, he looked up at me with tears in his eyes & his bottom lip poked out...so we came home with the monkey!}
~ Golf course with Daddy
~ G loves his blankie! He holds it close to him & will rub it against his face to soothe himself 
-The musical keys
-The green monkey
-To be outside
-To pull out all of the magazines at Nana & Pops house
-To bang two toys together
-To play in the playroom
-To gnaw on his crib {we had to put gummi rail covers on}
-To put the baseball in Daddy's glove
-When I whisper to him...he thinks it is so funny!
-The vacuum
-Tennis ball {he doesn't like the feel of it}
-When Bradley or I leave the room

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