Saturday, June 9, 2012

9 Month Check Up

~March 16, 2012~
Dr. S saw us walking down the hall to the room & said Grayson looks like a little business man in his outfit :) Dr. S said Grayson has been following his own growth pattern perfectly. He has excellent growth & development and is long & lean. He also said his height is off the charts again & equivalent to the height of an average 13-14 month old. And Dr. S said his eyes should definitely stay blue :) He gave us the okay to start giving him some table food & offer a sippy cup, which we had already done both. We are so thankful to have a healthy little man!
Grayson only had to have 2 shots today. He had his 3rd round of one vaccination {IPV/OPV} and his 2nd round of Hep B. As usual, he only cried for a few seconds :)
Weight: 20lbs 2oz {50th %}
Length: 30.5" {95th %}
Head: 17 3/4" {50th %}
Clothes: 12 Months
Diapers: Size 3
Shoes: Size 3

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