Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My 1st Mother's Day

~May 13, 2012~
I had the mot amazing first Mother's Day!! We started the day off by going to church...Grayson enjoyed the music then when the preacher started the sermon {which is usually when G takes a nap} Grayson was so sleepy & started fussing, so we ended up leaving...but first, we stopped by the nursery to get a tour & get G registered :) Bradley & I aren't sure if we are ready for him to go to the nursery but we know that he will no longer sit/nap through church and we know it will be good for him to be around other kids and learn about Jesus! So we went home for G to take a nap & to change clothes. I really wanted to get some good pictures of Grayson & I {since I don't have many b/c I am always the one taking the pictures} so once G woke up we went to Ross Bridge Park for a mini photo shoot :) Bradley did a good job & got some great pictures. Once we got back home I opened my gifts then G took a nap. We spent the rest of the afternoon outside & my parents stopped by for a little bit.
Before church
At Church
{people watching}
 This precious little man made me a Mommy! I am beyond blessed & thank God every day for my baby boy!
 Ross Bridge Park
 This boy always makes us laugh :)
 Silly boy
 Pat-A-Cake :)
 I'm so in love with this handsome little man!
 He gives the best kisses :)
He looks so big 
 Helping me open my gifts
 "Our Gift" Willow Tree figurine to add to my collection :)
 And I LOVE my new Coach purse
Hanging out in the garage :)
Playing outside
 Watching Daddy wash his car
 This boy is so funny!
 I thought it was so cute how he is propping his foot up :)
 Check out his 2 bottom teeth 
{the top one will be popping through any day now}
 Samantha {aka "Girlfriend}
 MiMi & Grayson
 PaPa & Grayson
 L.O.V.E. this one
 He is growing way too fast!
 Helping MiMi open her gift
 Happy Mother's Day Mom & Mimi!
~May 15, 2012~
Aimee {Bradley's Mom} was out of town on Mother's Day so we went over to his parents house when she got home on Tuesday. 
G loves to look at pictures of himself
 Nana loves her Mother's Day gifts

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