Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grayson at 11 Months Old!!

I cannot believe my baby will be ONE in a month! Grayson is so much fun & makes us smile every day! It's amazing to watch him learn & do new things...he will look up at us & smile big {like he is proud of himself}. He is such a sweet baby & loves to give us hugs and kisses! Grayson has mastered the skill of crawling! He can also stand alone & has taken a few steps behind the walking toy. He is a very determined little boy! He is attempting to get into anything & everything. Our house is full of sounds of babbling & baby talk. He will just "talk" like he is really telling us something and we just say "Really?" or "You dont say!" like we understand him :) He is becoming very interested in table food and will stand up next to us, patting our legs until we give him a bite :) So far he likes the table foods he has tried {sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, bananas, pickles}. We are really enjoying watching him grow & discover his world!
Standing by himself...and he can even turn & still keep his balance.
His "happy" yelling :)
 Doing his "ah ah ah" dance
-Sleeps 11 straight hours at night {8:00pm-7:00am}
-Eating 7oz every 4 hours {7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm}
PLUS baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner {4-5 tbsp}
-Wearing 12 month clothes
-Teeth: 2 on the bottom
-Size 3 diapers
-Size 3 shoes
-Words: "dada" "mama" "yep" and "a dat" aka What's That {we think?}
-Naps 2 times a day {morning-2 hrs. & afternoon-2 hrs.}
-He is getting really good at standing & started "cruising" {a few steps-4.18}
-He is balancing much better by himself {4.27}
-He can stand for longer periods without holding onto anything {4.30}
-He started taking a few steps behind the walking toy {4.30}
-He started easing himself down from a standing position {5.1}
-He is holding furniture to walk {5.7}
-He claps for himself when he stands on his own or walks behind the walker really fast {5.7}
-He started to squat down, pick up a toy, & stand back up all by himself without holding onto anything {5.8}
-He helps me dress him {pushes his arms & legs through}
-He pokes things with his index finger
-He understands more of what we say every day & responds in a nonverbal way
-He has a new way of "talking!" {like he is really trying to tell us something but its just jibberish-4.27}
-A new thing he is doing is tilting his head to his shoulder & smiles
-Another new thing he is doing is raising his arms & laughing :)
-Getting him to sit still is becoming a challenge, especially during diaper changes.
-He dances when he hears music
-He is starting to pitch a little fit if we take something away that he wants {usually our iphones-4.25}
-He really likes DVDs-he pulls them all out of the basket and will carry one around with him
-He likes to pull the door stopper out in the playroom & shuts the door, then he crawls to the door to give it one more push to shut it completely :)
-He loves the TV remote...when we ask him "Can you push the orange button?" he picks up the remote & pushes the button with his thumb!
4.16.2012 ~ He loves this monkey! We tell him to "give it lovin'" & he will hug it :)
 ~ On his tippy toes trying to get something he isn't supposed to have
 ~ Playing with Mommy
 4.17.2012 ~ He really loves his new walking toy!
~ Watching his favorite YouTube video "What I Am" by Will.i.am.
4.18.2012 ~ Grayson is getting really good at standing & started "cruising" today
4.19.2012 ~ Playing Basketball with Daddy
4.20.2012 ~ Daddy's office cookout
~ Watching Daddy! LOVE!
4.21.2012 ~ Tub tub time :)
~ Aunt LaLa's Junior Prom
Grayson hanging out with Pops while I take pictures :)
Ladies man!
 The charter bus/limo was awesome!
 Grayson was entertaining the adults :)
~ Playing with my old school cell phone! He loves it!
4.22.2012 ~ He LOVES the baseball
~ I love this boy!
 ~ Playing with Grams!
 ~He is always so happy...and silly too!
~ Our other 2 babies :)
 4.23.2012 ~ Ice cream with Mimi & Papa
~ His 1st big boy tub tub
 Daddy teaching G how to put the ball in the hoop :)
4.25.2012 ~ He is so funny...when he puts his paci in upside down it makes his bottom lip poke out.
4.27.2012 ~ This pose is his "new" thing...tilts his head to his shoulder
~ Golf course...I LOVE this picture
~ Lyndsey & DC came over to grill out
4.28.2012 ~ Grayson & Papa {baseball game}
4.30.2012 ~ G loves to take all the DVDs out of the basket
 Little stinker!
5.1.2012 ~ He loves the GumDrop Teething Pacifier
~ G's 2 pearly whites {#2 broke through on 4.20}
5.2.2012 ~ Cherishing every moment!
5.7.2012 ~ Another "new" thing...raising his arms & laughing :)
~ This boy sure can make a mess {I love how he crosses his legs}
~ Trying the Banana Popsicle for the 1st time
~ His new way of sleeping...I just had to sneak in & get a picture
5.8.2012 ~ Mommy's Little Lucky Charm!
 5.9.2012 ~ Center of Mom's Universe...he sure is!
 5.11.2012 ~ My little man was so excited to see me this morning :) {I went to Canton, MS yesterday, I left before he woke up & got home after he went to bed}
  ~ He figured out how to open & close the cabinets
5.13.2012 ~ My sweet loves!
 5.14.2012 ~ Checking out his new bean bag
 ~ He was not crazy about it at first...
~ ...but he warmed up to it!
~ Daddy & Grayson time! I love watching these two...just melts my heart!
-To swing
-To stroll in his wagon
-To give us "lovin" {he gives us a hug & lays his head on our shoulder}
-To walk behind the walking toy
-To pull stuff out of the kitchen cabinets
-To crawl over my legs & use me as a play gym {and I love it too!}
-To watch Daddy hit golf balls
-To try table foods
-The Around We Go Entertainer Seat {I would put him in it every other morning after his bottle to play for about 15 minutes. A few weeks ago I put him in it & he started screaming and shaking! I don't know what happened but he was all of a sudden scared of it or something. So we took the seat off & he now just stands at the table & plays just fine}
-The Roomba 

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