Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grayson at 12 Months Old!!

Over the past year, amazing changes have taken place. Grayson has reached so many milestones & we are so proud of him! He has a big personality and is becoming more & more independent every day, so much so that it is hard to remember the weeks when he slept most of the day!! And the child is seriously mobile...we are doing a lot of chasing :) Bradley & I love the stage he's in...we have so much fun! We cannot imagine our lives without him!
Grayson is WALKING!! It is so cute to watch him because he gets really excited when he walks :) He finally said his first word = MAMA {5.19}...he looked up at me & said "Mama" in the sweetest voice, it brought tears to my eyes! He now says Mama when he wakes up until I get him out of bed :) His new thing is pointing...he points at everything! It is so cute! He is obsessed with pushing buttons. And he loves to look at pictures of himself...he points at them & smiles! He also loves to be outside & loves the water {tub, pool, lake}! Bradley lets him spray the water hose & Grayson thinks it is the funniest thing! His *4* pretty pearly whites give a new look to his adorable smile. We were blessed with a child that will try anything at the dinner table! While eating dinner he will walk over to us, point at our food & say "bi" aka "bite!" But, he is still having an issue with thick foods, like oatmeal. He gags with anything thick or a little chunky {even stage 3 baby food}. What's weird is that he is fine with puffs, yogurt, chunks of fruit {apples, bananas, pineapple} and he will take bites of our sandwich, pickle, & almost any table food??!!

-Sleeps 11 straight hours at night {8:30pm-7:30am}
-Eating 7oz every 4.5 hours {7:30am, 12pm, 4:30pm, 7:30pm}
PLUS baby food at breakfast, lunch and dinner {4-5 tbsp}
-Wearing mostly12 month clothes but some 18 month
-Naps 2 times a day {morning-2 hrs. & afternoon-2 hrs.}
-Teeth: 2 on the bottom & 2 on the top
{#3 broke through on 5.26 & #4 broke through on 6.3}
-Diapers: Size 4 {6.9-really big but 3s are too small}
-Shoes: Size 3 
-Words: "Mama", "Bi" aka Bite, and "Doh" aka Dog {he actually associates these}
He also says "Da Da" and "Noh Noh" aka No No or Nana??
-Favorite Foods: bananas, potatoes, apples, corn, chicken, carrots, green beans, pineapple, pickles, yogurt & puffs
-He finger feeds himself {but he really likes to just take a bite of the food}
-He drinks really well from a sippy cup
-He knows the names of some objects
-He will carry a toy with him when he walks {it provides a feeling of support}
-He started using his pointer finger to point at things & push buttons...we love it {5.29}
-He can stand up without having to pull up on anything
-He started making the fish face {6.1}
-He puts objects in containers
-He will give a kiss on request
-He will "love" {hug} his stuffed monkey or blankie
-He likes toys that he can push & pull {Musical Croc Wagon}
-He will push anything that will move across the floor {wagon, step stool, ottoman}
-He can "high five" {6.4}
-He loves to dance...he bops to the music
-He really likes to look at pictures of himself
-He loves to watch videos on our iphones
-He makes the cutest grunting noise when he picks up things {even if they are not heavy}
-His favorite thing to do is eat banana slices with Daddy
-He still "flirts" while riding in the shopping cart
-He loves to go to the park & swing
-A new favorite toy is a keyboard {Bradley cut the cord off my old Dell keyboard & G loves to play with it-pushing the keys & carrying it}
5.15.2012 ~ Oh, the life of a baby :)
 ~ He hates hats!!!
5.17.2012 ~ Sweet baby Savannah Claire Williamson is here!
5.18.2012 ~ 1st time to play in his pool
5.19.2012 ~ He loves to play with the wooden popping gun toy
 ~ Dinner date with Mommy & Daddy at Ruth's Chris
~ I love our new canvas above our bed! It is so special...our wedding quilt & our son's hands and feet {6 months old}. 
Lyndsey Cunningham Photography
5.20.2012 ~ Morgan's Bridal Tea
5.21.2012 ~ The boy loves wagon rides
 ~ It's the little old keyboard & an old dvd keep him quite entertained.
5.22.2012 ~ Eating diced apples for the 1st time by himself
5.24.2012 ~ Cool Just Like Dad
 ~ Eating a Banana with Daddy
5.28.2012 ~ Tooth #3 has cut through & #4 isn't far behind

~ Memorial Day at the Ross Bridge Pool
5.30.2012 ~ Visiting Papaw & Grandaddy
6.1.2012 ~ Playing at Mimi & Pops house
~ Happy baby!
~ BBQ at the Office
6.2.2012 ~ Pointing...his new thing!
 ~ *3* pearly whites {#4 is on its way}
6.3.2012 ~ Eating diced carrots for the 1st time
6.4.2012 ~ He's not even a year old & already climbing! I'm going to have my hands full!
6.5 2012 ~ Reading bedtime prayers
6.6.2012 ~ Ross Bridge Pool with Cousins
Me with my niece & nephew
6.7.2012 ~ Having fun shopping with Mommy!
 ~ Tooth #4 {right} cut through :)
~ Eating Chicken Tetrazini for the 1st time
He loved it!
6.8.2012 ~ Dinner at The Dixon's house
6.9.2012 ~ Pinterest Inspired...Love!
6.13.2012 ~ Little man had a really good nap...check out his hair!
-To throw the baseball {6.8}
-To look at himself in the mirror
-To be outside {especially with Daddy}
-The water {tub, pool, lake}
-To spray the water hose
-To play with the wooden popping gun Mimi & Papa gave him
-Cupcakes or cake {he doesn't like the icing}
-Food on his hands
-To sit on anything that makes noise {bean bag, the paper over the table at the ped office}
-Vacuum or anything that moves on its own

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