Saturday, July 14, 2012

12 Month Check Up

~June 14, 2012~
Well, Grayson did not do so well at his appointment today. I wasn't thinking when I scheduled it a few months ago & it fell during his nap time. Wow!! I will never do that again! The second I sat him on the table with the paper, he started screaming & shaking! I finally got his clothes off & picked him up and he stopped crying immediately. So I sat him on top of the paper on the scale, he started crying & shaking again! This was a cry neither of us have ever heard before. Grayson shakes when he is scared so we think he was scared of the paper because it made the crinkle noise??!! I sat in the chair & he sat in my lap and immediately laid his head on my chest...that's when I knew he was really sleepy because he never wants to sit with anyone anymore :) He's a busy little man! The rest of the appointment he fussed & cried...he just wanted to take a nap. Dr. S said he has never seen him like this...ha!
Dr. S said Grayson looks wonderful & is following his growth pattern perfectly! He told us to start him on whole milk, wean him from the bottle to his sippy cup & feed him table foods for every meal :) We also asked him about G's legs looking slightly bowed when he walks, he said they should straighten out in the next few months.
Grayson had to have 4 shots today, he had his 4th round of PCV, his 3rd round of Hep B, and his 1st round of Hep A and Varicella. AND they pricked his thumb to check his hemoglobin. Poor baby just cried & cried, and he kept holding out his thumb like he was saying" this hurts Mommy!"
He holds his leg up when he doesn't want to touch something!
Crying for Daddy to come back {he went to the restroom}
Sleepy boy
Holding his leg up again because he doesn't want to touch the paper 
As soon as the nurse came in, he started smiling & talking to her...until she gave him the shots!
Weight: 21lbs 4.5oz {25th %}
Length: 31" {90th %}
Head: 18" {25th %}
Clothes: 12 Months
Diapers: Size 4
Shoes: Size 3

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