Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baby's 1st Christmas

Bradley & I got the BEST gift ever, our sweet Grayson! He is our world & he brings us so much joy! Thank you Jesus for a happy & healthy baby boy!

Bradley & I were so excited about Grayson's 1st Christmas! We were up and just sitting around waiting on him to wake up :) Bradley grabbed the video camera to video his 1st Christmas morning {I made the mistake of sneaking in his room to put his leg back in his pj pants (they were too big). He woke up as I was leaving his room & started getting upset. So we didn't get the reaction we were hoping for}! He was still so cute. We sat him on the couch to open his gifts. He just started beating on the boxes {that's why we got him the little drum}! He loved his toys! My parents stopped by to see what Santa brought Grayson and they occupied him while Bradley & I opened our gifts. We all had a very good Christmas! While Grayson took his morning nap, Bradley & I got ready and loaded the car to head to his parents house once G woke up.

Merry Christmas from The Runnels Family!
Our 1st Family Ornament
 Grayson's 1st Ornament
 Our 1st Christmas without Beau...we miss him so much!
 Our beautiful Christmas tree
 Grayson's Personalized Ornament...we also gave the grandparents one for their trees!
 Our new Christmas stockings...I LOVE them!
 Grayson's 1st Christmas
I LOVE my Patagonia!
 Bradley & Grayson gave me a necklace with Grayson's birthstone pendant, a pearl, with a diamond above it. So special!!
 I also got this beautiful ring :)
 Mimi & Papa stopped by :)
 Bradley loves his Colonel Littleton bag!
 I was super excited about him opening this one...
 Bradley's favorite & most special gift...a canvas of Beau!
 Grayson wants Kobi to play with him so bad...but Kobi is not interested.
 I LOVE my very special gifts!

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