Monday, June 4, 2012

Grayson at 7 Months Old!!

How is my little man 7 months old already? I am enjoying every second with him :)
Grayson is a HOOT! He is so funny & laughs all the time! He just loves life! We are so blessed to have such a happy baby! God is good!
Every day we see a bit more of his personality peeking through! He "talks" all day long and I love to sit & listen to him {it sounds like he is trying to actually make words}! He says "dada" and has said "mama" {sounds more like "muma"} a few times. He is SO alert and wants to look at everything and touch & grab everything in sight. He is definitely growing much stronger and is about to outgrow the whale tub. He is drinking from a sippy cup & now sits in the highchair to eat. Bradley tried to teach Grayson to crawl {12.29.11}...he hates it! I am in no hurry for him to be mobile, he will start crawling when he is ready :) He has had every flavor of the Gerber 1st Food and literally loves them all!! He is such a good eater! His favorites are sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, peaches & pears, and even prunes too. We also started giving him Gerber 2nd Foods {12.18} & he absolutely loves it because some include meats & some of the breakfast ones are mixed with cereal or oatmeal. A few of his favorites are: chicken & apples, turkey & sweet potatoes, chicken & vegetable, turkey & rice, butternut squash & corn, blended fruits & oatmeal, and pear strawberry granola. He does NOT like the mac & cheese. He tried Yogurt {Vanilla} for the 1st time {1.10.12} and he did not like it...not even a little bit!
-Sleeps 10 straight hours at night {9:30pm-7:30am}
-Eating 7oz every 4 hours {8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm}
PLUS baby food at breakfast, lunch & dinner
-Wearing 9 month clothes but still in 6/9 month pants {his waist is small}
-Size 3 diapers
-Size 2 shoes
-Naps 3 times a day
{morning- 2 hrs., afternoon- 2 hrs. & evening- 30 min}
-He LOVES to eat! He gets excited when he sees the baby food...he opens his mouth & leans toward the spoon. When he sees his bottle he starts kicking & tries to grab it!
-He communicates with laughs, smiles, and squeals
-He can sit up on his own for a long time
-He passes objects from hand to hand and lifts, shakes, pushes, pulls, squeezes, and tosses things
-He has become very interested in studying an object
-He pats/strokes our faces {I read that it means he is showing his appreciation for us}
-He plays quite vigorously with his toys {grabs it, examines it, puts it in his mouth, shakes it then drops it & moves on to the next}
-He chew & bites objects {teething toys}
-He gets upset when we take something (usually a toy) away from him
-He can hold the sippy cup on his own
-He is a wiggle worm
-He makes one of the sweetest sounds, it is like he is whispering
-He tries to feed himself & tries to hold the bottle himself
-He sucks on his fingers and hands and toes too!
-He sucks his lower lip {teething symptom}
-He uses his little fingers to grab tags & pick up small objects {too cute}
-He screams when I leave the room
-He makes a new sound, like he is clearing his throat {12.31.11}
-He pulls his hair on the left side {1.2.12}
-He can now make it all the way around in his activity center :)
-He makes a really loud excited squeal and does it over & over {1.8.12} It is so loud it makes our ears ring! It scared me to death the first time he did it then he immediately smiled. From a speech therapist {a friend} perspective, we have a really smart baby! He is figuring out he can communicate & it is eliciting a response and a reaction from us. It is just a phase! He babbled early & he will probably use true words early too!
12.17.11 ~ Mimi dressed Grayson up for a photo shoot...getting ready for Santa!
Opening Uncle Brandon's present :)
12.19.11 ~ Trying Prunes for the 1st time
He really liked them {I didn't know to give him only a few bites & not the whole container...oops! He pooped a whole diaper full before I even got him out of the bumbo seat}
 12.20.11 ~ He started sleeping like this
 ~ Drinking water from a sippy cup for the 1st time
12.23.11 ~ People watching with Mimi while Mommy shops
 12.24.11 ~ Ready to take a stroll {I put blankets over him too}
~ Christmas Eve
12.30.11 ~ Dinner at The Hope's
We are so blessed to know this wonderful family & be able to watch their girls grow up.
Sweet baby girl Ivey Kate
~ I love this one :)
 ~ Grayson giving Mattilee a hug :)
 ~ They love to play together
12.31.2011 ~ Grayson with Uncle Brandon by the fire truck :)
1.3.2012 ~ He loves his new sippy cup!
1.5.2012 ~ Sitting in his highchair for the 1st time
He really liked it! He just smiled & laughed and kicked & waved his arms up & down.

~ He also tried puffs for the 1st time {no pics but I did video it}
I enjoyed watching him figure out how to pick them up & put them in his mouth :)
1.7.2012 ~ Bradley playing peek-a-boo with Grayson
{I love that when we walk in G's room, we can now see his little head pop up}
1.8.2012 ~ Trying the Teething Feeder for the 1st time
We put frozen grapes in it. He LOVED it! He was a sticky mess after just a few minutes. He just kept saying "Ummm" was quite hilarious!!
1.9.2012 ~ Trying oatmeal & bananas for the 1st time
He wasn't sure about the texture & gagged :)
~ His new thing is pulling on the crib bumpers
{we have tried tying them several different ways but he is too strong!}
1.11.2012 ~ Happy Birthday Mommy!
 Beautiful flowers from my Hubby & a very sweet note
{"Honey, you are my hero and a wonderful mother to our beautiful baby boy. I want you to know how much I appreciate you & how much I love you. I am so grateful to be able to spend the rest of my life with you!"}
1.14.2012 ~ Grayson looks a lot like my baby pictures at this age
-Daddy time :)
-To be tickled...he has the sweetest laugh
-To scream when he is excited
-To people watch at the mall :)
-To look at himself in the mirror
-To play with tags {he is obsessed with tags}
-To shake his toy maracas
-To play with "Scout" {the talking dog}
-To beat on boxes
-To bang on his drum
-Going to church...he loves the music & will "sing" along then naps during the sermon
-The minky dot fabric on the crib bumpers & will rub them at night to soothe himself
-The texture/lumps of the cereal {12.22.11}

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