Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grayson's 1st Beach Trip

~September 22-25, 2011~
Bradley's company had their Agency Retreat in San Destin, FL. I was a little nervous about traveling with a 3 month old but I tried to prepare myself as much as I could. 
5 bags later & a very packed car, we were headed to the beach! I fed Grayson right before we left so his tummy was good & full. He enjoyed the ride and just played & coo'ed :)
Then after about an hour he fell asleep & slept almost the whole way. We only had to stop once to get gas (he was still sleeping) and once to feed him. Once we arrived, we unpacked everything, ordered room service for dinner & relaxed a little before bed. I was a little worried that Grayson would not sleep good in the pack n play since he has always slept in his crib but he slept all night! 
~Watching Sesame Street on YouTube :)
Our little family started the day at breakfast.
Then, Grayson & I headed to the pool while Bradley played golf with the guys. I took Grayson in the pool for a few minutes but I forgot to get a picture. He was having too much fun splashing :)
 He loved it! He kicked his little legs & waved his arms around.
 Happy Baby!
Sweet angel :)
View from our room
 When Bradley got back he wanted to take Grayson to the pool for a little bit.
Grayson has lost a lot of his hair :(  
Then we headed to Baytowne Wharf for dinner at Graffiti's. 
After dinner we went back to the hotel and hung out by the pool with friends for about an hour. 
Playing before bedtime :)
Good Morning!
We started off the day having breakfast with The Hope's then went back to the room to get our swimsuits on while Grayson took a nap. I put his bouncy seat next to the balcony door so he could hear the waves...he went straight to sleep!
We finally headed out to the beach around 10:30am to meet everyone else. We setup Grayson's little tent, he just laid there & listened to the waves...he was so relaxed. 
 Some of the guys throwing the frisbee.
Bradley & I took Grayson to the ocean to stick his feet in & put his toes in the sand for the first time, he just curled his toes & seemed to like it {he didn't cry or scream}. 
We went in a little early to get ready for our family beach pictures {see separate post}. Then we had the Agency Dinner on the deck and hung out by the pool for a while. 
 Someone was ready for bed :)
 Stretching :)
 Ready to head home!
 I got everything packed up & in the car while Bradley was in his meeting. I fed Grayson in the lobby while we waited so he was good & full when Bradley got out of his meeting, and we headed home. Grayson slept the entire way home except for the 30 minutes we stopped to feed him.  

We had such a great time at the beach! The weather was perfect! And Grayson did so good :) He was such a good, laid back baby! But I know one thing...I was exhausted!

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