Thursday, May 24, 2012

Grayson at 4 Months Old!!

Grayson is such a sweet little man. I just melt every time he smiles & laughs at me! I cherish every chance I get to hold him on my chest because I know it won't be long before he's running around & no longer interested in laying with me. Grayson is very curious about everything! He shoves anything & everything into his mouth and he wants to touch anything in sight. He has lost most of his hair on the sides & back and it is getting lighter too. He is at the stage where I do not know what to expect on a day to day basis {inconsistent}, after talking to a few Mommy friends I decided it was time to start a new schedule {10.2}...feeding 4 times a day with cereal in all bottles, which cuts out the last feeding so he will go to bed earlier. It is going really well so far, he is more playful & much happier in the evening. Grayson is definitely a Mama's Boy right now :) I have a feeling Grayson is going to be wide open in a few months...I'm gonna have my hands full!!
-Sleeps 10-11 straight hours at night {9pm-8am}
-Eating 5oz every 4 hours...5oz formula w/ 60cc's cereal 
{8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm}
-Wearing 3-6 month clothes & some 6 month 
-Size 2 diapers
-Naps 3-4 times a day 
{morning-1 hr, afternoon-1-1.5 hrs & evening-45 min}
-He has become attached to me
-He can officially hold his head up on his own, steady & erect {9.20}
-He rolls over completely from his back to his stomach {10.2}
-He "talks" {puts together a series of syllables} while playing in his bed or on the play mat
-He recognizes family members {and adjusts his responses to different people}
-He is starting to teethe {a lot of slobber & constantly puts his fist or Ernie in his mouth}
-He pulls dangling object toward himself & brings it to his mouth
-He pulls his legs to his tummy to play with his feet
-He pulls his legs under him while doing tummy time
-He sucks & chews on his tongue
-He crosses his feet when sitting {I love it!}
-He plays with his hair
-He will play alone for longer periods {on his play mat & in his bouncer}
-He rubs his eyes or puts his hands over his eyes when sleepy
-He tries to hold his bottle 
-He laughs when tickled
-He squeals really loud when he's excited or upset {9.16}
-He has the sweetest chuckle {9.28}
-While playing with his book or Ernie, he stretches it with both hands & puts it on top of his head
-He moves around in his sleep & ends up all the way in the bottom corner of his crib {9.28}
9.16.11 ~ Cookout at Daddy's office
 9.17.11 ~ Watching the Auburn football game
 Giving Daddy his gift
 He loves to play on the changing table
 9.18.11 ~ Visiting Mimi & Papa's church
 9.29.11 ~ Tummy time
9.30.11 ~ He likes to get out of his swaddle
10.1.11 ~ War Eagle!
10.2.11 ~ His new teether
10.5.11 ~ Grayson's 1st hat
~ Batting at his toys
 ~ He loves his hands & feet
10.10.11 ~ He loves the bright stars book
 10.11.11 ~ He is sitting up so well in the bumbo
~ First tub tub with Daddy
 10.14.11 ~ Fun in the tub tub
-Playing with his feet
-Playing on his changing table
-His swing
-Sitting in the Bumbo
-Sitting in my lap propped up against my legs
-To be held
-To nap in my lap
-To be swaddled
-To be rocked before bed
-To grasp something soft while soothing himself
-The bright stars book
-Tub tub time
-Napping anywhere other than my lap
{we are working on changing this!}

I cannot describe the love I feel for my sweet baby! I would not trade once second for anything in this world!

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