Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grayson's 1st Lake Adventure

~September 4, 2011~
We celebrated Labor Day with both of our families at my parents lake house. It rained all morning but finally cleared up long enough to play outside :) Then, we had a delicious dinner before heading home.
 Playing in his pack n play
 Grayson with his wonderful grandfathers...Papa & Pops
Once it stopped raining, everyone was ready to head outside: 
-for a little bit of fishing
 -to throw the football {Bradley & his Dad}
 -to play in the sand {crazy dogs}
 -to ride the SeaDoo
 -for a boat ride & to swim for a little bit {Mom stayed at the house with Grayson}
 -to jump off the rock {Jamie}
 -to ride the SeaDoo {Bradley} 
We had a really good time & Grayson was so good :)

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