Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grayson at 6 Months Old!!

I'm having a hard time believing Grayson is 6 months old. Thank you Lord for such an amazing, happy & healthy baby boy!
Grayson's personality is really developing. He is such a happy & sweet baby, always laughing & smiling {he's in a good mood 99% of the time}. He has the sweetest little chuckle & his eyes will just make you melt!! He could seriously do a commercial with his facial expressions. Grayson is really curious about exploring his environment. He is doing really good about noticing things & trying to reach them. And he's getting good at sitting up, he can pull himself forward to a sitting position while in his bouncer. He is saying "dada" & tries to say "Mama" but doesn't associate either yet {11.16}. It is definitely getting harder to get anything done while he is awake :) He loves to giggle & laugh ... and I love to listen to him! I attempted to wean him from the swaddle again {12.12}, thankfully he transitioned perfectly & still sleeps through the night {I lay him in his crib, put the paci in his mouth & give him Ernie, he goes right to sleep}. He isn't crawling yet, but will roll all over the place to get what he wants.
-Sleeps 11 straight hours at night {9pm-8am}
-Eating 6oz every 4 hours {8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm} 
PLUS baby food at lunch {2.5oz container}
-Wearing 6-9 month clothes & some 9 month
-Size 3 diapers {12.2}
-Size 2 shoes
-Naps 3 times a day {morning-2 hrs., afternoon-1 hr. & evening-45 min}
-He recognizes his name
-He imitates sounds
-He can reach to grab, hold, and tug at various objects
-He reaches out to Bradley or I {11.17}
-He sits up momentarily without support, he slumps forward on hands for balance
-He raises himself up & props up on his elbows
-He loves to stand...if you we try to sit him down, he will straighten his legs to stand up
-He responds to "No" {he stops what he's doing but he laughs at me when I tell him "No No"}
-He studies faces & wants to touch our faces all the time
-He makes an "Ummm" sound when he eats baby food :)
-He smiles at everyone that speaks to him
-He hums when he gets frustrated or bored
-He sucks on his bottom lip
-He bangs his keys against the table while sitting in his bumbo
-He anticipates his bottle...he will lean towards it & grab it to try to put it in his mouth
-He does this new thing where he grabs his hands together then extends them & brings them back to his chest, he moves them out & in really's too cute!
11.18 ~ Good Morning! I love waking up to this happy baby boy...he just talks & talks 
11.19 ~ Our little family at Preston & Ruth's Wedding
11.20 ~ Visiting Grandaddy & Papaw
11.21 ~ Trying sweet peas for the 1st time
He loved them! {takes after his Mommy}
11.24 ~ He loves his keys!
11.25 ~ Sweet child of mine!
11.26 ~ War Eagle!
11.28 ~ Trying pears for the 1st time
Saying he loved them is an understatement...he ate the entire container full & wanted more
11.29 ~ Sitting up for the 1st time on his own
~ He is sitting tall & reaching out
12.4 ~ My mom dressed Grayson up in his Baby's 1st Christmas pj's for a photo shoot :) He looks like a little toddler! {my Dad had his arm under the blanket & was holding the back of his shirt}
12.5 ~ Trying carrots for the 1st time
He loved them! He would literally scream in between bites wanting more. And he sure made a mess! {he gets excited & sticks his hands in his mouth then rubs them on his face}
12.6 ~ Our Christmas Blessing!
Check out the big spot of slobber...I can't keep him dry these days!
12.8 ~ Visiting MiMi at work
12.12 ~ Trying peaches for the 1st time
They were a huge hit!
12.14 ~ He still loves the tub tub :)
-To be outside
-To look at his reflection in the mirror
-To chew on his keys
-To hold onto something {usually Ernie} while he eats...if I don't give him something then he just holds on to his shirt
-To touch something soft while falling asleep {Ernie or the minky dot material on his crib bumpers}
-When we leave the room...he starts getting fussy!

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