Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grayson at 3 Months Old!!

Grayson is such a happy baby and just loves life! He's growing way too fast!! I just packed up his newborn & 0-3 month clothes last week {9.6}...I definitely shed a few tears. He is getting a precious little personality. He just smiles & sticks his tongue out. And he makes the sweetest noises like he is really trying to talk. I have a feeling he is going to be a very LOUD child! He has the prettiest blue eyes and long eyelashes. He smiled & laughed at me for the first time {8.24} while I was talking to him...my heart just melted! I love my baby boy so much!
-Sleeps 10 hours straight at night {10pm-8am}
-Eating 5oz. about every 3.5 hours
{8am, 11:30am, 3:00pm, 6:45pm, 10pm}
-Wearing 3 month/3-6 month clothes {8.26}
-Size 2 diapers {8.26}
-Nap time is a bit of an issue right now...he cat naps for about 30 minutes after each "play time" but that's it {we are working on establishing a nap schedule}
-He stays awake the majority of the day {may nap a total of 2 hours}
-He is definitely more responsive, especially in the morning
-He pulls up really well with assistance {I grab his hands & he pulls to a standing position & holds it a few seconds}
-He uses hands & eyes in coordination {bats at toys with his hands}
-He imitates sounds
-He pushes down on his legs like he's standing
-He rolls from his back to his sides {8.22}
-He is doing so good with tummy time
-He turns his head toward a sound
-He follows moving objects with his eyes and head
-He can sit with support
-He is more vocal {cooing, squealing, whimpering, gurgling}
-He grabs toys & puts them in his mouth
-He has noticed his feet & tries to grab them
-He is fascinated with his hands...can grab, grip & pull
-He constantly has his hands in his mouth and will put anything he is holding in his mouth
-He has lost most of his hair on the sides {he still has a ton on the top which results in a "comb over" style}
-He slobbers a lot!
-He smiles & laughs all the time
-He makes lots of facial expressions
-He makes this cute little noise when he gets excited {it sounds like a quick gasp for air but he smiles & kicks when he does it}
8.21.11 ~ Ready for church {1st time}
My wonderful family!
8.24.11 ~ Sticking his tongue out :)
8.26.11 ~ This boy loves tub tub time!
8.29.11 ~ I love waking up to his handsome smile {check out his eyelashes}
8.30.11 ~ Batting at the toys
8.31.11 ~ Trying to grab his feet
9.1.11 ~ Playing in his bouncy seat
~ Blowing bubbles
9.2.11 ~ Stretching
9.3.11 ~ He likes the Bumbo seat
9.5.11 ~ Tummy time
 9.6.11 ~ Superman {this is for Uncle Blake}
 9.9.11 ~ Playing with Mommy
 9.10.11 ~ He has the cutest personality
 9.13.11 ~ He's a side sleeper
9.14.11 ~ Kicking & splashing :)
-his giraffe "Ernie"
-his play gym
-his turtle toy that plays music & lights up
-to stretch
-to give kisses {he opens his mouth when we lean in to give him a kiss}
-to play with others
-to go outside & be under the fan
-to play in his bouncy seat
-to sit in the bumbo seat
-to go strolling 
-to sit up against my legs & play
-to just look all around the room, checking everything out
-to blow bubbles
-to be talked to
-to be swaddled
-a tub tub and just started actually kicking & splashing
-playing in the pack n play

Happy 3 Month birthday to my precious baby boy! Mommy & Daddy love you, Grayson...more than you will ever know!

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