Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grayson at 5 Months Old!!

I cannot believe my baby boy is 5 months old! Where does the time go? Grayson is quite the wiggle worm and a big Momma's boy! He has the biggest smile and the sweetest laugh, he is just a happy baby! He is so smart and is a speedy learner. I love to watch him play in the new activity center Grams bought just fascinates me! We started him on solids {baby food & cereal} and he is doing great so far. He loves the food! I stopped putting cereal in his bottles last week since he's doing so well with baby food. He loves strolling & shopping with Mommy! He just looks around at everything and smiles. I bought G his first pair of New Balance tennis shoes {10.26}, they look so cute on him! His hair is growing back really fast, thank goodness :) Since Grayson is rolling over all the time I decided to no longer swaddle him at night {10.26}, it worked great for 1 week then he randomly started waking up in the middle of the night. We think it is because he gets cold so we got a tower heater & started using it at night {we programmed it to keep the room temp at 75-it cut off when the room temp reached 75 & cut on when it dropped below 75} and I also started swaddling him again. It worked so I am going to let him be and try to wean him from the swaddle in a few weeks. I still rock him every night before bed, and will continue to do so as long as I can :) 
-Sleeps 10 straight hours at night {10pm-8am}
-Eating 6oz every 4 hours...6oz formula w/ 30cc's cereal {8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm}
PLUS baby food once a day{1/2 of 2.5oz container}
-Wearing 6 month clothes
-Size 2 diapers
-Size 2 shoes
-Naps 3 times a day {10.18}
{morning-2 hrs., afternoon-1 hr. & evening-45 min}
-He rolls over completely from his stomach to his back {11.4}
-He reaches & leans towards everything in sight
-He loves anything colorful right now
-He reaches for his bottle & tries to hold it himself
-He will pat at his toys while playing with them
-He slobbers so much that I cannot keep his shirt dry
-He babbles {produces a steady stream of different vowel & consonant sounds that seem like they could be words but aren't quite there yet}
-He tries to pull himself up {lifts head & shoulders off flat surface}
-Grayson & I had our 1st long "talk" & Daddy videoed it {10.21}
-He rips the giraffe off the mobile every time I sit him in the bouncy seat
-He is getting really strong
-He is definitely teething
-He sleeps with his eyes slightly open
10.18 ~ Looks like we have a thumb sucker
10.19 ~ Spoonfed rice cereal for the 1st time...he liked it!
10.20 ~ Daddy babysat Grayson for the 1st time by himself
Bradley did great! He did call me a few times but Grayson was fed & sound asleep when I got home.
10.21 ~ Trying green beans for the 1st time
He is so funny! He makes the worst face {like it sour}, spits it out on the bib then wipes his face with the bib which makes it go all over his face :) We will try this one again.
10.22 ~ Watching the Auburn game
 Laughing at Aunt Lyndsey
 Do I really have to eat the green beans??!!
10.23 ~ Kaitlin's Cloth Diaper Shower
Grayson & Nonnie
 The pacifiers we got him :)
 Her loot of cloth diapers & inserts
~ Playing in Mommy's lap
10.25 ~ Trying sweet potatoes for the 1st time
They were a hit!
10.26 ~ Strolling & shopping with Mommy
10.28 ~ Whooo's got treats?
10.31 ~ Baby's 1st Halloween
~ Trying Bananas for the 1st time
He LOVED them!
11.2 ~ Playing in his new Bright Stars Doodle Bugs Around We Go Entertainer
11.3 ~ Christmas Village 
My Mom & I took Grayson to get his hand & foot print made for Christmas gifts. He did so good & didn't get upset one time. He loved strolling around just watching everyone then I put him in the Baby Bjorn and within minutes he fell asleep :) Everyone I ran into said "he looks just like his Daddy!"
Tuckered out!!
11.4 ~ Bradley & I had a night out for Ken's Surprise 50th Birthday Party
 Electric Slide :)
 C-walking :)
 Bradley & Ken
11.7 ~ Trying squash for the 1st time
It was a hit!
11.13 ~ G's 1st time to the golf course {to watch Daddy hit golf balls}
11.14 ~ Trying apples for the 1st time
He loved them & ate almost the entire container
~ Daddy feeding G for the 1st time
-Really loves his "Ernie"
-To play with his feet
-To eat his toes
-To play in his activity entertainer
-To lay in his bed & just talk
-To play in the bouncy seat after his morning bottle
-To lay in the pack n play and play with his musical turtle
-He refuses to open his mouth when he doesn't want his paci or bottle

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