Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finger Painting!

~ August 31, 2012 ~
It was too pretty outside to not do something fun...but I wanted to do something different. I had been itching to do some type of art project just to see his reaction. I thought finger painting would be interesting since he doesn't like anything on his hands or feet but also fun because he could do whatever he wanted & get as "dirty" as he wanted. 
Well, it was a success!! He had so much fun & didn't act like the feel of the paint bothered him at all :)  
Of course he had to taste it?!?! 
 Painting the window
He was fascinated by the containers
Where's Grayson?? 
{we play this game about 54 times a day}
Helping Mommy clean up!
At some point he walked in the paint & made a footprint :)

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