Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doctor's Appt

~June 13, 2011~
38 weeks

Grayson's heart rate was 132 bpm & my belly bump measured 38 cm. My iron was up to 37 {1 point higher than the last time they checked it}. Dr. H said I was still only 1 cm. dilated & still 50% effaced, but Grayson had dropped to -2. WoooHooo! Maybe we will be meeting our son sooner than we thought :) We go back to the doctor next Monday morning...if Grayson isn't here yet.
After my appointment, I met some girl friends at the pool for some relaxation. Hardly! I waddled my way in & everyone could tell how huge I was feeling. It was so hot so I only stayed for about 2 hours. As soon as I got home I propped my feet up. I laid on the couch for about 3 hours & the swelling had actually went down a lot...and they are still huge!

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