Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our 1st Week at Home

Grayson is absolutely amazing!! He is so alert and he is nursing wonderfully about every 3 hours {with about 30cc's of supplemental formula}. I have already had my heart stolen but this handsome little man! 
~June 16, 2011~
 We are home!
The pediatrician advised us to put Grayson by a window {with only a hat & socks on} and take him outside as much as possible during our first day home to expose him to ultraviolet light {in hopes of lowering his bilirubin level} before his appointment the next morning.
The first thing Bradley asked the pediatrician before we left the hospital was if we could take him strolling when we got home...so at 6:15pm we took Grayson for his first evening stroll around the block.
 Uncle Blake & Aunt Mana came straight from the airport {from their Europe trip} to meet Grayson.
 Daddy feeding Grayson his first bottle.
Aunt Lyndsey & Uncle Daniel brought us dinner from Outback. And Bradley & Daniel put the Pack N Play together.
~June 17, 2011~
Our first night at home was pretty good! We put him in the the pack n play in our room but I got up every few minutes to check on him & every time he would make a noise...he will definitely be sleeping in his own bed in his own room from now on :)
We took Grayson to the doctor to have his bilirubin level checked, it was 16.3 & he weighed 6lbs 6oz.
Dr. S said Grayson's bilirubin level was too high so we need to start him on the Home Phototherapy Bilibed. The nurse came to our house to set the bed up & explain everything. Grayson had to lay on this bed at all times except for feedings, diaper changes, and baths {the longer he is exposed to the light, the faster the jaundice decreases}. I had to record all feedings, wet and dirty diapers, and his temperature every 4 hours. This was very hard for me...I was so emotional & overwhelmed, just seeing him on the bed made me so upset. But I was thankful that we were able to do this at home & not have to be admitted into the hospital. 
On this morning I became EXTREMELY nauseated {which was weird because I was never nauseated or sick during my pregnancy, labor, or delivery}. I literally had to make myself eat & I could only drink water, anything else made me nauseous. I was nauseated all day long!! I called my doctor, the lactation nurse, the pediatrician...nobody could tell me why I was feeling this way. Bradley & I researched it and the only explanation we could come up with was that my stomach produced a more than normal amount of acid which leads to feeling extremely nauseous. My doctor prescribed Zofran which made it a little better, for a few hours anyway.
Bradley also had to go back to work today & it is just breaking his heart. He said all he can think about is Grayson and wanting to come home!
~June 18, 2011~
The nurse came to check on Grayson & prick his heel again...poor baby! He weighed 6lbs 8oz & his bilirubin went down to 12.1. She called the pediatrician & got the approval to take Grayson off the Bilibed!!! God is good!
We gave Grayson his first sponge bath tonight. He did pretty good as long as I kept the blanket wrapped around him. Bradley videoed it so we didn't take any pictures but I did take this one afterwards :)
~June 19, 2011~
The nurse came early this morning to pick up the Bilibed...I had it all packed up & ready for her :) Grayson weighed 6lbs 8oz & his bilirubin level slightly went up to 12.4 but it wasn't a concern.
*Happy 1st Father's Day, Bradley!*
This may be TMI but I want to document it because I think Grayson will get a kick out of it when he's older. So, I was changing Grayson's diaper after one of his middle-of-the-night feedings and was holding his legs up when he just projectile pooped!!! Yep, you read it right...poop on the wall! I had to take a picture because I knew Bradley wouldn't believe me :)
~June 20, 2011~
Our precious gift from God!
~June 21, 2011~
1 week old
Sweet angel smiling for the 1st time! I love how he sleeps, it looks like he is praying. 
Uncle Brandon holding Grayson for the 1st time {he was at the hospital when Grayson was born so he got to meet him but Grayson was under the heater to get his temperature up & Brandon got called in to work}.
{Grayson & I both slept a good 4 hours straight last night. And I am finally feeling better and can actually eat now.} 
Our dear friends, The Parkers & The Alford's, brought us dinner for TWO nights :) Both meals were delicious!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit & to bring us dinner. Thanks to Bradley's mom & aunt for doing all of our laundry & going to the grocery store for us. Thanks to my parents for stopping by to help out as well. And a huge thank you to my best friend, Lyndsey, for all of her encouragement and advice on everything and for coming over {as soon as I would call} while I was feeling weak & nauseated to help out while Bradley was at work. 

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