Monday, September 10, 2012

Annual Milwaukee Trip

~July 22, 2012~
We finally arrived and had just enough time to change clothes, freshen up a little and head downstairs to meet some others at the hotel bar.
~ Garden Party at the Milwaukee Zoo ~
~ Best Friends ~
~ Buckhead Saloon ~
~July 23, 2012~
Bradley got up bright & early for his meeting and I slept in until 10:30am...I cannot tell you the last time I slept that late, but it was so nice. Lyndsey & I walked over to the mall for a little bit then I met Bradley at the Exhibits to look around & buy some NMFN gear :)
I am so proud of my husband for making Forum!
~ Forum Dinner at the Milwaukee Art Museum ~
 It was incredibly windy
 The tables were beautifully decorated
 Look at those ribbons...way to go babe! 
~ Forum After Party ~
~ Lucille's Piano Bar ~
~July 24, 2012~
I slept in again this morning then got ready for the Wives Luncheon at the Northpoint Lighthouse.
~ Agency Dinner at Water Street Brewery ~
Bradley & I getting our baby fix...we were really missing Grayson :) 
 Wall of Beer
~ Maroon 5 ~
 I enjoyed rocking sweet Finley to sleep while her Mama enjoyed the concert :)
After the concert we went back to the room to pack our bags before bed.
~July 25, 2012~
While Bradley was at his morning meeting, I got all of our stuff packed on the cart, checked out of the room & had a cab packed and waiting to take us to the airport. I was so ready to get home to my baby!
Grayson was so happy to see us! 
 He even helped with my luggage :)

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