Thursday, November 4, 2010

Telling the family...

We got this picture frame to surprise both sets of grandparents. I put a picture of the positive pregnancy tests & a poem in the frame.  The poem was so sweet, it reads: 

I do not have a face to see, or put inside a frame
I do not have cheeks to kiss; I don't yet have a name.

You can't hold my tiny hands, nor whisper in my ear
It's still too soon to sing a song, or cuddle me so near. 

But all will change come June 27th, when they say I'm due
I'm your new grandson/granddaughter, I can't wait till I meet you.

All I ask between now and then, is your patience while I grow
I promise I'll be worth the wait, because of all the love we'll know. 

So as you're waiting patiently, please pray lots of prayers for me
I cannot wait to be a part of this wonderful family! 

{Note: We had EVERYONE thinking we were going to wait about another year to start "trying"...only b/c I wanted everyone to be totally surprised...and it worked! See below}
The night after Bradley & I found out I was pregnant we had my parents over for dinner(Thursday 11.4.10). My mom & I were going to Christmas Village that Friday & I HAD to tell her before then :) While the steaks were cooking I told Bradley that something was wrong with my camera & asked him to fix it...really my camera was fine I just wanted him to take pictures of me telling my parents :) 
Every time my parents come over I show my mom things that I have bought, so I showed them the grandparent frame(above) and my mom said "Why are you showing us this knowing that we aren't grandparents?" {you have to know my mom to understand how funny that statement was} but as you can tell in the first picture below, my Dad was studying it & said "Rhonda, I think that is what they are telling us!" The look on their faces were PRICELESS! 
And yes, that's a tear in my Dad's eye{last collage pic} :) 
After Christmas Village (11.5.10), my mom & I had to take my Aunt home to my Papaw Buck's house. It was the perfect time to tell him the "baby news." I handed him a picture of the positive pregnancy tests, he just starred at it then turned it around the other way and turned it again...finally my mom said "Papaw, do you know what that is?" and he said "No" was so funny! I didn't even think that he might not know what the little sticks has been about 60+ years since he had a child & they probably didn't even have pregnancy tests back then...haha! {Notice the way Papaw is holding & looking at the picture versus the way I am holding the picture...he's looking at it the wrong way..haha}
He is 90 years old...bless his heart!
 I finally explained it to him, showing him the 2 lines & + sign indicating I am pregnant! He was really happy for Bradley & I. And once Baby R gets here, we will have *5* generations!!! I got a 4 Generations picture made at my wedding & cannot wait to get a 5 Generations picture made at the hospital!
The next night we had dinner at Bradley's parents house(Friday 11.5.10). While we were all in the kitchen getting ready to eat, Bradley handed his parents the same grandparent frame. His mom read the entire thing (she's too funny) before realizing what we were telling them. Their reactions were also PRICELESS! Bradley's dad picked me up & swung me around with excitement...I still had the camera in my hand so Bradley couldn't get a picture of it. 
While eating Bradley's sister came home for a few minutes so we were able to tell her the good news. As you can tell, she was soooooooo excited...and started doing a victory dance :) 
*Aunt LaLa*
On Sunday (11.7.10), we stopped by the Birmingham Fire Dept. to tell my little brother. I gave him a card that said "Congratulations" on the outside, and on the inside I wrote "You're going to be an Uncle." You can tell by the huge smile on his face that he was excited. He always talks about taking his nephew/niece to play on the fire trucks :)
*Uncle Brandon*
Then, we stopped by Blake & Amanda's house to tell them. My parents had stopped by on their way home from the lake house so they were able to see their reactions too :) We just kind of came up with something at the last minute of how to tell them, hoping it would work out. While they were eating dinner I showed them the pictures of mom & dad's expressions(above) and Blake said exactly what we were hoping he would say "What are they doing?" and I said "This was their reactions when we told them I am pregnant!" See their reactions below...yes, I probably should've waited until they were finished eating but I was too excited. 
*Uncle Blake & Aunt Mana*
And finally, on our way home we stopped by Lyndsey & Daniel's to give Lyndsey {my BF since 2nd grade} her Birthday present. After she opened her present, I gave her a birthday card & signed it "We Love You! Nikki, Bradley, & Baby Runnels" As you can tell, she was shocked..but so happy!
My Granny Billie came to Birmingham to stay a few nights so my Mom brought her over to visit. My granny was sick & not feeling well so they couldn't stay long. I told Granny that I wanted to show her something, once I sat on the couch I gave her the sonogram pictures...she was so surprised & excited! 
{She is probably going to kill me for posting these pictures of her but I have to document it :)}
Bradley called his Aunt Annie, who lives in Nashville, to tell her the news. {We were going to be visiting her for a weekend in December but just couldn't wait another month to tell her.} 
While on the phone with her he emailed her this picture:
Then, he told her to check her email.  He had her on speaker phone so I could record her reaction...she was so very excited too! 
FYI: Baby Runnels is the first grandbaby on both sides so I have a feeling that this little peanut is going to be SPOILED to pieces!


  1. Ar was also the first on both sides. Get ready for a rotten child. Ready for his name!!!!!

  2. I love this post. You are so creative! I hope to be more creative with the next one.

  3. We are so very excited about our first grandchild. We love him so much already. I love the weekly updates keep them coming. Love Mimi.