Thursday, November 25, 2010


~ November 25, 2010 ~
Telling my grandparents...
I sat next to my Granddaddy & showed him the sonogram pictures, he asked "Is that a baby?" & I said "Yes!" he then asked "Are you pregnant?" & I said "Yes!" He just hugged my neck & didn't want to let go...haha! Eloise was super excited also.
{I wish I would've had Eloise sit next to us so she could be in the pictures too...but I was too anxious}
It was funny because before we got to my parents house, my grandparents were asking my parents who they thought would have kids first & when...I think my grandparents had given up on Bradley & I...haha! They are ready for some great-grandbabies :)
~We LOVE our dogs!~
~It was such a beautiful day to sit outside~
~Thanksgiving is not complete without football~
~My Dad, brother Blake & husband Bradley~
~9 weeks~
~Papaw was pooped~

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