Saturday, December 4, 2010

SEC Championship!

~December 4, 2010~
Auburn vs. South Carolina
We had a few friends over for the game. And of course we had such a good time :)
We hadn't seen Jake & Morgan in a few months so Bradley wanted to wait until they came over to tell them the baby news. {I am so thankful that Lyndsey was ready with the camera to capture the pics below} Bradley pulled up our 1st sonogram picture, he gave the iPad to Jake & asked him what he thought the picture looked like...well, I am not going to say what his answer was but as you can tell by the picture below, his answer was hilarious & unexpected!!!
Morgan finally figured it out...
And Jake is saying, "oh yeah, I knew it was a sonogram, I just thought y'all were joking"...haha!
The Ladies!
SEC CHAMPIONS!!! 56 - 17 

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