Friday, December 24, 2010

Jones Family Christmas

~December 24, 2010~
*My precious niece, Londyn*
*The guys watching Golf*
*Londyn & Carter playing the piano*
I asked Bradley to HIDE Londyn's couch until it was time to open presents.
Well, as we were sitting in the living room talking & eating lunch, in walks Londyn carrying her couch straight to the playroom. 
He didn't do a very good job hiding it :)
*Time to open presents*
We also got Londyn a pair of tennis shoes, clothes, Golden Book books, Princess placemat, plate & bowl, and some other stuff.
Baby Runnels got a lot of toys too!
*Carter dancing...he is too cute*
*Nonnie's Grandchildren*
* Nonnie's Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren*
 *Nonnie with her Children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren*
 *Nonnie's Great Grandchildren*
 *Nonnie with her Children*
*4 Generations*
{13 1/2 weeks pregnant}

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