Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lewis Family Christmas

~December 21, 2010~
This year we had Christmas at Blake & Amanda's house. 
*13 weeks*
My Dad is a very proud & excited Pops :)
*We got my little brother, Brandon, his first Northface jacket*
*Just a few of my many gifts*
*A few of Bradley's many gifts*
{My Dad has a hat like the one below that he wears at the Lake & Bradley really likes it so my parents got Bradley one for the lake :)}
*Baby R's gifts from my parents*
They wrote a really sweet note to him inside the book that he can keep forever :)
*Just a few of my parents gifts* 
We got my Mom her first Northface jacket & we got my dad a Northface pullover. 
*Always being silly :)*
Brandon made Amanda this Ducks blanket, although he is a huge Auburn fan.
*Aunt Mana thinks Baby R is a Girl!*
*We love Granny B.*
*Once Baby R arrives, she will become Grams*
*The 2 most important women in my life*
*Listening to Baby R's heartbeat*
 *My wonderful family*

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  1. We have those baby genius DVD's, and thank to them i can recite every word to "The wheels on the bus," "Do you know the muffin man," and "pop goes the weasel"............i even find myself humming them sometimes! hahah but Avery LOVES them and I'm sure Grayson will too!
    -Erin Piper