Monday, December 27, 2010

Ladies Christmas Swap

~December 27, 2010~
This year we had the Annual Christmas Swap Party at my house. We all brought a dish {and some brought the platters from last year} & we also had 2 yummy desserts! 
This year everyone was to bring a christmas door mat to play Dirty Santa. It was a really cute idea!
As usual we had a BLAST & Dirty Santa got pretty dirty, at least for Ashley {last year it was me!} Ashley had every gift stolen from her! 
This time I ended up with the door mat I really was actually the one that I bought for the party.
Everyone with the door mat they ended up with!
I was the preggo at the party this year{14 weeks}! 
Last year, the preggos were Allison & Ashley W. 
I wonder who it will be next year??? 
I gave everybody this beautiful ornament as they left :)

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