Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doctor's Appt

~March 30, 2011~
27 weeks

Today I went in for the Glucose Tolerance Test. I was a little nervous because everyone told me that the "orange drink" is awful & made some people sick. Well, leave it to me to guzzle it down like water :) It actually wasn't that bad, it tasted like really really sweet kool-aid. Since I had to wait 1 hour before having my blood drawn, they told me to go ahead & see my doctor for my check-up. 

Grayson's heart rate was 134 bpm & my baby bump measured 27 cm. My iron was up to 32 {2 points higher than the last visit}. Dr. H said everything looked really good & our sweet baby boy is growing right on target.

Good news! I passed the Glucose test! YAY!!!! 

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