Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Birthdays

~January 29, 2011~
Bradley & I had TWO 1st Birthdays to attend so we had to split our time between both parties. 
First, we headed to Brantley Rae's party in Hoover. Her mommy, Allison, did a great job making the decorations. Everything was great! 
Kevin & Bradley in a deep conversation :)
This picture is priceless!!! 
Next year Baby R. {almost 19 weeks} will be here & hopefully a few more babies {come on ladies}!
I love these ladies, we always have so much fun together! 
Then, we headed to Norah's party in Helena. Erin did such a great job also! Their house was full of family, friends and tons of presents! We had a really good time. 
The guys had a great time too!
Norah's many faces :)
*Happy Birthday Norah & Brantley Rae!*

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