Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1st Haircut

~July 13, 2012~
Well, I wasn't ready for this but Grayson's hair grows so fast & since he was having to tilt his head back just to look at us I thought it was time! I took him to Nina at Belle Cheveux, she did such a wonderful job with Grayson & making him feel better. He cried a little at first but once I sat with him and Nina talked to him & let him play with the comb, he was fine. I just couldn't get the curls cut from the back yet so she just cut the front. {But she did cut a curl for me to keep for his baby book}
*The first snip*
Miss Nina is so funny :)
Grayson became the entertainment in the salon!
He had to stop at every chair to talk to the women
Our little toddler!

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