Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sick Baby

~July 3, 2012~
Grayson woke up at 2:30am with his first real fever, 102.9. I gave him some ibuprofen & rocked him until he finally fell asleep at 4:00am.
When he woke up {7:30am} his temp was down to 98.6, the nurse advised to just watch him & give him lots of fluids. She warned me that his temp would go up in the afternoon and she was right, it was 103.3. He didn't eat much all day but he drank tons of water throughout the day. At bedtime his temp was down to 101.1.
~All he wanted was for Mommy to hold him~
Apparently Grayson forgot how to walk when he got sick {I'm guessing he was weak from not eating much?!?!}...the first night he fell face first into the marble {bruise on the left} & the next morning he fell face first into the concrete {red mark on the right}. Both times he was just standing still, squatted down then just fell forward. Thank goodness for his long hair covering it up!
After a few days of having his first cold {congested with a runny nose} & not eating much, he started feeling better :)
~July 11, 2012~
I started having a gut feeling that something just wasn't right. He wasn't fussy or acting differently besides still having a runny/stuffy nose & he started coughing a few days before, I just had a "feeling," plus I wanted to talk to the doctor about some other concerns. So, I called the pediatrician's office and they were able to see him that morning. He had a fever {99.3} and weighed 21 lbs. 12 oz. {25th %}, gaining almost a half pound in a month. He actually did much better this time & wasn't afraid of the paper {on the table} at all. He didn't even cry until Dr. S looked in his ear.
Playing peek-a-boo
Dr. S confirmed that our sweet baby has his 1st ear infection so he started him on an antibiotic, which will also help with his cold symptoms & the constipation. He also has an Umbilical Hernia {occurs when part of the intestine protrudes through an opening in the abdominal muscles} in his belly button. It is a common & harmless condition that babies have since birth and it will close/heal on its own. The doc said the reason we are just now noticing it is probably because of all the straining he's been doing to use the bathroom, causing the bellybutton to protrude, & since he's standing it's more evident.
~Umbilical Hernia~
But, we are thankful that we made it over 12 1/2 months before Grayson's first cold & first ear infection!

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