Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1st Nursery Visit

~July 15, 2012~
13 Months Old

Grayson used to sleep in my lap through church but he recently started fussing because it falls during his nap time & Mr. Independent doesn't want to lay in Mommy's lap anymore. So, Bradley & I finally registered him to stay in the nursery during church. After signing him in, we got a printed sticker that goes on his back with his name & id# {which they post on a screen during church if we are needed}. He walked right in & went straight up to another baby to get their paci...we gave him his then he went right on to playing. We called his name several times to tell him "bye bye" but he never turned around. His teacher said he cried a little when he noticed we weren't there but he did really good for his first time especially since it was also his nap time. Bradley checked on him {looked through the window} once during the sermon & I couldn't wait to pick him up. He was really happy to see us!
*Before Church*
 *Walking to his room*

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  1. My kids loved the church nursery. They were sad when they were too old to go.