Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

~June 17, 2012~
We spent the morning of Father's Day at Greenvale Pediatrics. Bradley took Grayson to his parents house two days before & came home with what we thought were mosquito bites on his legs. On Sunday morning they were huge with tiny pus bubbles, but he never acted like they bothered him. Bradley starting thinking it was poison ivy so I called the ped. office and they wanted to see him that day. We had a little over an hour to spare so we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Grayson loved the fried egg & banana slices.
 At the pediatrician's office...
 ...Dr. S looked at them & immediately said they were spider bites?!? From some type of microscopic spider (I forgot the name but he said it's extremely small-if that same spider bit Bradley he wouldn't have a reaction at all! How on earth did he get multiple spider bites on both legs? We think it was when Bradley got his basketball out of a wooded area then sat it in Grayson's lap...our guess is that the ball landed in a nest of spiders?!?! Many people told me their children had this same reaction to mosquito bites & ant bites?!? Whatever it was looked tons better (just scabby) within a few days with the help of cortisone cream. The first mosquito bite he had scarred his leg so I started putting Mederma for Kids on these bites to reduce the scarring, it worked like a charm!
Cuddling up to Daddy after his 3 hour nap :)
 Dinner at Bradley's parents house
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband! You are truly an amazing father! Grayson sure does love his Daddy :)

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